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Industry Products temperature, storing enzymes or DNA libraries, storing samples at ice bucket temperatures and much more. These units are available in 100, 115, and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz models. They are “Made in the USA” and are UL, CSA and CE or equivalent agency certified and available in voltages for use anywhere in the world. Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc. +1 866.573.9104 Carlsbad, CA thermal protocols are identical for all iQ-Check kits, enabling the user to process multiple samples across all assays simultaneously. iQ-Check kits are also available for Cronobacter, Campylobacter, E. coli O157:H7, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella Enteritidis, and STEC. iQ-Check Listeria spp. was approved by Health Canada in 2011 (MFLP-39). Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. +1 510.741.5653 Hercules, CA Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc. Torrey Pines Scientific New Dry Bath – Two Blocks at Two Temperatures T orrey Pines Scientific, Inc. announces its new two-position EchoTherm™ Model IC22XT Digital Chilling/Heating Dry Bath. The IC22XT is ideal for use in freezing, chilling or heating biological samples from -20°C to 100°C. The unit is two dry baths in one, saving valuable bench space. The IC22XT can run two separate temperatures and two different sample blocks at the same time. The unit has built-in data logger, 30-day count down timer with alarm, and RS232 interface making it ideal for use with robotic systems. It can be used with accessory sample blocks for 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 2.0ml centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes and plates, 96-well and 384-well assay plates of all kinds, vials, and most sizes of test tubes. Custom blocks available on special order. The IC22 is ideal for ligations at 14°C, maintaining 17°C for storing oocytes, enzyme reactions and deactivations, hybridizations, incubating samples above, below, or at room Bio-Rad Salmonella Assay Receives Health Canada Approval for All Foods io-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced that its iQ-Check™ Salmonella real-time PCR test kit has received Health Canada approval for detection of Salmonella spp. in all foods and four environmental surfaces: stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, and concrete. Previously validated by AOAC, AFNOR, and NordVal, the new method, MFLP-38, will soon be published in volume three of the Compendium of Analytical Methods. The iQ-Check Salmonella method involves a single 20 hour primary enrichment in buffered peptone water. Due to the sensitivity and specificity of the kit, a secondary enrichment or regrowth step is not required, and therefore results are available faster. The simple one-step DNA extraction is the same for all foods, adding to the method’s ease of use. In addition, the DNA extraction and PCR B DuPont Nutrition & Health to Collaborate with AvidBiotics on Food Protection Technologies D uPont Nutrition & Health has announced a strategic collaboration with AvidBiotics Corporation to develop novel bactericidal protein technologies. Through this agreement, which includes a DuPont Ventures equity investment, DuPont will gain exclusive, worldwide rights to the technologies for food and food protection applications. AvidBiotics antibacterial technology is based on R-type bacteriocins (proteins with bactericidal activity). These proteins recognize target bacteria by binding to specific receptors on the bacterial surface, then disrupting the cell envelope to kill the organism promptly. In theory, R-type bacteriocins can be developed against any pathogenic bacteria or spoilage organism of interest. Be sure to mention, “I read about it in Food Pr otection Trends”! The publishers do not warrant, either expressly or by implication, the factual accuracy of the products or descriptions herein, nor do they so warrant any views or opinions offered by the manufacturer of said articles and products. 712 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS | NOVEMBER 2012

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Food Protection Trends - November 2012
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Food Protection Trends - November 2012