Food Protection Trends - May/June 2016 - (Page 161)

MAY/JUNE food protection trends 168 Identification of Risky Food Safety Practices at Southwest Virginia Farmers' Markets features 176 Detection of Campylobacter on the Outer Surface of Retail Broiler Chicken Meat Packages and on Product Within 183 State Health Department Directors' Insights into Farmers' Markets Inspection Practices and Resources 194 Employee Perceptions of Food Safety Pictograms at Meat and Poultry Processing Plants Leads to New Handwashing Pictogram 206 High School Students as the Target of an Integrated Food Safety Educational Intervention: Successful Results of a Pilot Study 222 Beyond the Bio Bobby Krishna 225 PDG Highlight Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design PDG 238 General Interest Paper Artisan Cheese Food Safety Forum: 2015 Conference Summary 242 General Interest Paper Food Safety and Regulation of Aquaponic Operations 260 Industry Products 264 Coming Events 249 IA F P 20 1 6 S PEC I A L S EC T I ON May/June Food Protection Trends 161

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Food Protection Trends - May/June 2016