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Pharmacy Graduation 2013 perspectives INS ID E T H I S ISSUE 2 Pharmac y ’s in their Blood 4 Taking Charge of her Destiny A tale of three students Kristin Holmes 8 Program Taylormade for Family 9 Adventures Abroad James Barnard Stephanie Taylor 10 Females on the Frontlines Jennifer Rother and Heather Kincaide Kudos Class of 2013! Some of you may be wondering how you got here. For most, though, it’s been a rewarding journey. Along the way, you’ve gained some friends and wrinkles; and quite possibly lost some hair. But ultimately, you’re all a little wiser. Today, revel in the fact that you have earned the right to be called “doctor.” Tomorrow, embrace your future and remember – “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.” California Girls ony t Cerem e Coa ‘09 Whit Thoai Nguyen, Clarissa Manzi and Melissa Erin have been inseparable since day one of pharmacy school. All three California Girls lived within an hour of each other prior to moving to Colorado, but didn’t know one another until they connected on facebook. The three amigos will go their separate ways upon graduation with Thoai heading back to California to work for Target, Melissa to a residency at UC Davis Sacramento, and Clarissa with a residency at the VA in Denver. CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1

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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013
Pharmacy’s in their Blood
Taking Charge of her Destiny
Program Taylormade for Family
Adventures Abroad
Females on the Frontlines

Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013