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phd program Females on the Frontlines J ennifer Rother and Heather Kincaide are part of a distinguished group. They are the few… the proud… the women who serve in the military. Comprising about 14 percent of the 1.4 million active military personnel, female soldiers are a unique sisterhood. They distinguish themselves not just because of their gender, but because they have chosen to serve their country. Because one is active duty military and the other a veteran, you might think that both Heather and Jennifer are cut from the same cloth. In some ways you’d be right, but in others – wrong. “I’m an Army brat born and bred. I come from a career military family,” says Jennifer who retired from the Army in ‘09. For the first five years of her life, her family was stationed in Europe, followed by multiple stateside moves. Enduring hardships, frequent moves and deployments, interchangeable friends and new schools, Jennifer says, “I wouldn’t change it for the world.” With limited exposure to military life, Heather on the other hand is a Colorado native whose father was a potato farmer in San Luis Valley, and mother a teacher. She too moved many times during her childhood when the family struggled after December 2012 Graduates total number of ntpd graduates 37 december 2012 graduates 10 may 2013 grad candidates 27 number attending ceremonies 17 (2 dec.; 15 may) 10 mohamed a. arab dorinda a. Casavecchia elizabeth C. dale lisa l. Joyner Justin todd peddle nidal i. shalabi Christine a. solis ian d. trimble robert l. Verzino stephanie Winkler May 2013 Candidates kelechi e. agbi laura marie azuma maher F. barakat William C. biny samuel J. borgert sherlene h.V. brown susan Chacko sreenivas Challa Caroline daniels Chappell Jamie ann Clark kathleen marie Collins mohamed el-matboly kenneth J. Fabbrini Jr. mera a.m. guindy giovonni m. hall tracy l. hicks Chinwe a. izuakor Chiemezie p. oti John J. partington Jr. lisa m. rose heang s. siek bonita a. simendinger Janice g. stevens Jon randall suyko Jennifer branch Warren elizabeth k. Woodford lisa a. Zaretzky losing the family farms to hail. Raised mostly on the Western Slope, Heather’s limited exposure to the military was through her grandfathers who both served during WWII. One was in the Navy; the other Army. Not one to show favorites, Heather selected the Air Force. So, how do two women from such diverse backgrounds end up becoming pharmacists and sharing such an uncommon bond – serving their country? “I chose to sign up for the Army to help pay for college, but then decided to stay in because I loved serving my country and the Army became a part of me,” explains Jennifer. Because of her childhood, you’d think she would have run away from military life, not embrace it. Surprisingly a large percentage of military families segue into the fold. In fact, children whose parents are in the armed services are six times more likely than their civilian counterparts to join the military themselves. Having been with the Army for a little over nine years, Jennifer retired as a Sergeant E5 due to sustained injuries while deployed in Iraq in ’06. “It was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I am so grateful I was able to serve my country.” While in the Army, Jennifer was a human resource specialist, flight operations specialist, an emergency room technician and certified combat medic. After putting Disasters temporarily sideline CU grad despIte FacIng Both natural and manmade dIsasters, NTPD graduate, Dori Casavecchia completed her doctorate on time! Earning a PharmD in six years while working nearly full time and juggling a blended family is quite an accomplishment in and of itself, but considering this Texas native was evacuated during hurricane Ike (’08) and her husband was part of the response team for the BP oil spill in the Gulf (’10) – it’s downright amazing. “I’ve learned that you need to be flexible and that people are very resilient,” says this CU double alumna who has links to each campus that pharmacy has called home (beginning the BS program in Boulder in ‘87 and graduating in ‘91 from 9th Avenue; now earning a doctorate from Anschutz Medical Campus). Evacuated with patients from her hospital and moved

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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013
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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013