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g r a d uat i o n 2013 Kim Robison, center, is hooded by Drs. Gina Moore and Joseph Vande Griend Pharmacy’s in their blood Justin Markham is the latest of the Markham family to join the profession T caption hree classmates – Justin Markham, Erin Perling and Kim Robison – have something besides pharmacy school in common. All three have brothers who pursued the same field of study. Kim’s brother has been practicing for 13 years, while Justin’s brother – Luke – graduated in 2012 and is working in Cincinnati. Erin’s brother, Chris, will receive his Doctor of Pharmacy degree May 17 – beating Erin to the punch by a week! Kim is quick to point out that her brother was the first person in her family to graduate from college and become a pharmacist, but she will be the first doctor. 2 Can you say sibling rivalry? You might think that her brother influenced her to pursue pharmacy. “Not true,” says Kim. In fact by the time she turned six years old, she had already set her sights on the profession and has never wavered. Her love of patient interaction and counseling will serve her well in her position with Walmart/ Sam’s Club. The Perlings will also have two pharmacists in the family when brother and sister graduate. Fortunately family members won’t have to decide whose graduation to attend as the ceremonies are one week apart! The Perling entourage will be on a two-week celebratory tour through Texas

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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013
Pharmacy’s in their Blood
Taking Charge of her Destiny
Program Taylormade for Family
Adventures Abroad
Females on the Frontlines

Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013