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s t e p h a n hed apnrd g r a m t a Y l o r pi o CodY Pharmacy program is for this family Taylor-made Stephanie and Cody Taylor together with their children, Kaitlyn and Joshua S tephanie and Cody Taylor have taken a tag-team approach to pharmacy school. Currently, Stephanie is “it” as she graduates this year. Then, Cody takes his turn in 2014 when he dons the green hood and becomes Dr. Taylor No. 2. Stephanie decided that pharmacy school was right for her after shadowing a Walgreens pharmacist during her undergraduate years. It took a little more convincing for Cody. “I was less sure of the role I would play, but knew I needed more than a bachelor’s degree.” Stephanie talked him into pharmacy during her P1 year. Graduates from CSU-Pueblo, the couple who live by a simple code – open yourself up to possibilities and you will reap the benefits – have embraced the pharmacy curriculum and involved their entire family. “We’ve chosen to immerse ourselves in the experience,” says Stephanie. And that means their kids, too, who have volunteered with their parents at health fairs and community drug take back events. When Stephanie began the program, their children (Kaitlyn and Joshua) were four and two years old respectively. “We were new to the area and didn’t have any idea as to which school would be best suited for our kids.” But an annual service learning activity, titled Pharmacist for a Day, helped them decide on a neighborhood and school. Pharmacist for a Day works with area elementary schools educating third and fourth graders on nutrition and medications. “The main goal is to help the first- and secondyear students sharpen communication skills while outreaching into the community. By explaining potentially complex concepts to children we are able to improve our ability to communicate to patients of all ages – an essential skill for a pharmacist,” says Stephanie. In addition to honing communication skills, the activity helps kids learn about compounding and the differences between medications and candy. For Stephanie, there was an added bonus, “I got to see first-hand the type of teachers and curriculum in the Aurora Public School District,” she says. And what Stephanie saw impressed her. “I was so captivated with the teachers that we decided we wanted our school-age daughter to attend Montview Elementary.” Their son, Joshua, soon followed. “I am very grateful that we were able to experience the school from the inside out. If we’d reviewed schools in a more traditional way – state rankings, a tour, interviewing teachers – we probably would have missed this gem.” As the Taylors close in on one graduation and Cody’s P-4 year, the family will be saying goodbye to Aurora and Montview Elementary and will be embarking on another new adventure. Stephanie has secured a position with Walmart in Pueblo, and Cody has scheduled all of his fourthyear rotations to be in the vicinity. “We are appreciative for the experiences we have encountered here. The satisfaction that comes from serving others affirms that pharmacy was the correct choice,” says Cody. While sad to leave, the Taylors are excited by the future possibilities. The couple have plans to raise their family in rural Colorado and use their fluency in Spanish to their advantage – all while raising their kids and involving them in the family business. Salida dru g disposa 8 l event

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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013
Pharmacy’s in their Blood
Taking Charge of her Destiny
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Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2013