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SUMMER/FALL 2013 THE PHARMACIST HUNTER D Dean Message From The uring her fourth-year rotation in the Office of Student Services, Clarissa Manzi was “tasked with trying to create something fun that would grab attention of young adults and portray the breadth of the field of pharmacy in a unique, creative and fun way.” Providing information in a brochure or via a website is fine when students know what they want to do. But when you’re trying to entice young adults or teens to get to know more about a field, you have to meet them where they are and that’s in a mobile/visual realm. “TV has done a great job of making certain professions appealing and exciting – ER doctors, nurses, I loved as a teen and young adult and the one that stuck with me was the Crocodile Hunter.” So, she came up with the concept of a video titled the Pharmacist Hunter that would educate prospective pharmacy students about the field of pharmacy. She mentioned the idea to Dana who offered to write the script. The two, with the help of Educational Support Services (ESS), worked together to make the video a reality. “We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. Most university videos are documentary style, so this was a departure,” says Bryan Less with ESS. Clarissa and Dana sat through a casting call with Steve Irwin wannabes where local talent Zach Andrews earned L ast year at this time we were celebrating our 100th anniversary and the many successes our School, faculty and alumni have experienced while encouraging you to chase your dreams. This edition of Pharmacy Perspectives focuses on the future. In this issue, you will see commencement through the excited eyes of the Class of 2013; learn about our recent graduates and how they are determined to create their own destiny; discover how the School is putting its best foot forward by formalizing marketing and communications efforts; and read about research collaborations across decades while uncovering the truth in the phrase – “what is old is new again.” We will also highlight some of the activities our students have been involved with from helping build structures with Habitat for Humanity on a South Dakota reservation to the successful student-hosted SNPhA conference. In addition, recent news coverage the School has received and upcoming events, including continuing education courses and Homecoming Weekend are featured. Enjoy this edition and make sure to keep in touch. Ralph J. Altiere, PhD Dean, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 Local Thespian, Zach Andrews, channels the Crocodile Hunter forensic scientists and firefighters. Pharmacists do so much more than count pills, but that seems to be how they are always portrayed. We thought it was time that we showcased what pharmacists really do and if the networks weren’t going to do it, then we needed to,” says Dana Brandorff, director of communications and alumni affairs, who helped bring the video to fruition. The beauty of YouTube is that, “we don’t have to rely on network TV or numerous news stories to highlight what pharmacists do. If the piece is good enough it will go viral.” Clarissa began searching YouTube for pharmacy videos – most were documentaries and product infomercials. Those that were creative and cute, like UCSF’s Gangnam style video, had already been done. “We really didn’t have time to wait for another trend to jump on,” says Manzi. “I kept on being drawn back to shows that CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences the coveted lead role. With cameos from faculty, students and staff, the video was shot in one day at the Anschutz Medical Campus. The concept has been well received by faculty, staff and students. So much so that the School is planning a few more episodes of the Pharmacist Hunter showcasing what students can expect during pharmacy school. “Pharmacy is a great profession, but we’ve seen more pharmacy schools opening their doors, which increases competition to fill student openings. The competition for quality students is heating up,” says associate dean for student and professional affairs Catherine Jarvis, PharmD. “So our goal is to help prospective students realize the potential of the profession and check out our program.” To view the video, visit and click on the “Pharmacist Hunter” logo.

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Pharmacy Perspectives - Summer/Fall 2013
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Pharmacy Perspectives - Summer/Fall 2013