Pharmacy Perspectives - Graduation 2018 - 9

G R A D UAT I O N 2 0 1 8
Amaya with his pharmacy posse including soon-to-be PharmD graduates,
Maya Robinson, Marilyn Banh and Joe Oropeza.

Reflections of a P-4

Let's take a trip down
memory lane
To recognize the school that
left me better than I came
Now professionalism is
steady flowing through
the veins
And infected with wisdom
to analyze gram stains
At the University of
Leadership in pharmacy has
always been the motto
Faculty members have set
examples we can follow
Phi Delta Chi Sigma
Brothers yelling "bravo!"

The raw passion
displayed and the
topics they rapped
about resonated
with me.

Now looking back to first year
I get real sense of what I
learned here
Communication skills, how
to make the pills
And a genuine devotion to
reshape the field
Through interprofessional
Got to work with students
of different healthcare
Determining the plan of
patient simulations

And giving way too many
case presentations

Now I'm dosing Vanco
Pharmacokinetics is a
pharmacy staple
Ensuring safety, and our
patients are stable
Crash cart filled and the
meds are labeled
We do more than count by
Always taking time saving
patient lives
Looking over DDI's
And the prodrugs that need
to hydrolyze

verify their adherence
Giving education so that
they can understand
That they're taking
Synthroid for their thyroid
And with so many doses
Always gotta remain focused
Learning pharmacotherapy
from respected professors
Authors to guidelines
every semester
They helped me become
independent practitioner
When pharmacy training
required analyzing
And working with a team to
improve patient outcomes
All my APPEs, couldn't've
done it without 'em

We are the Skaggs School of
In the mile-high city where
it's hard to breathe
Whether asthma, infection,
or heart disease
We stay monitoring meds in
the chart with ease
Don't forget the creatinine
Calling all our patients to

And I sit here grateful
For every teacher that was
willing to provide me
Guidance, education 'til I
got a brain full
Can't contain appreciativeness inside me
And let's not forget my peers
Who throughout the years
gave me lots of cheer
I am ready for my career
And to practice at the
pharmacy frontier


Maya Robinson in her Dallas Cowboy days

A shadowing experience in high school corroborated her choice. The summer prior to
her senior year, she shadowed her cousin who worked at Kaiser. "I loved where pharmacy
was going. My cousin worked at an anticoagulation clinic and geriatric clinic and I
thought it was really cool."
Robinson doesn't get the chance to dance much anymore. But she breaks out the moves
every once in a while - like when she helps out with the Girl Scout Workshop through APhA.
"I've assisted with the workshop for a few years now, helping fellow classmate Marilyn Banh
connect with the kids. I really enjoy blending my passion for both disciplines."


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