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eiGht SONGS with Pan American Games gold medalist LARA JACKSON S 1 STuCK IN ThE MIDDLE WIT WITh YOu, by Stealers Wheel: I love that song. I have always known that song, but I am such a huge Quinton Tarantino fan, and I love Reservoir Dogs. That song is so perfect in it. A lot of songs like that, I have to thank Quinton for using them in his movies. 5 DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, by the Expendables: The music is D really relaxing and good. I love the guitar. The song opens up a little in the middle of it. They are actually my favorite band right now, and that’s my favorite song by them. I love that genre, reggae rock. BrIaN Bahr/Getty IMaGes 6 hEART Of A ChAMPION, by Nelly. This is my No. 1 inspiration song before I race. This song gives me goose bumps. Sometimes, it makes me tear up and it gets me so in the zone. hip hop, and it’s my favorite kind of music to dance to. I don’t really like new music, and this is something I can get into. Who doesn’t like that song? I mean, come on. Heartbreakers Heartbreakers: Tom Petty is one of my top 5 artists of all time. They ask, “If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?” And for me it would be Tom Petty. I like the song because I can relate to it. I put this song in there because it is a pump-up song. A lot of people have songs that are all crazy. But this song says that whatever comes in front of me is not going to shake my determination. It’s a good song, and I love Tom Petty’s voice. 2 SuAvEMENTE by Elvis Crespo: This song means a lot to me. It is my favorite song to dance to. Ju 3 JuMPIN’ JACK fLASh, by the Rolling Stones: Everyone likes the Beatles, and I love the Beatles – but I also like the Stones, because they are more like party boys. I remember being on road trips, singing that song with my dad. There are a lot of good memories. nothing more annoying than a high pitched, whiny voice on a female singer. She’s such an icon. I love original people, and she did whatever she wanted to do. I love strong women like that whom you can respect. N 7 NO DIGGITY, by Blackstreet, featuring dr. dre: It’s classic W 8 WON’T BACK DOWN, by Tom Petty and the B 4 BOBBY MCGEE, by Janis Joplin: I love her voice. There’s 6 toM PeNNINGtoN/Getty IMaGes 8 MIChaeL BUCKNer/Getty IMaGes aL BeLLo/Getty IMaGes Best rACe ever M NATALIE 56 sPLAsH • March/April 2012 CouGhliN y major breakthrough race was at the U.S. National Swimming Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in August 2002, where I broke the 100-meter backstroke World Record for the first time. In the months leading up to the meet, people talked about me breaking the record. I wasn’t nervous. I just wanted to get the swim out of me. While we were in the Ready Room, I kept saying to myself, “Tonight’s the night.” It threw me a little when my race got delayed due to thunder, but I kept calm by repeating my mantra. I go very deep on my starts, even to this day. But that pool is especially shallow. I felt myself scraping the bottom even though I was trying to come up. When I broke the surface, I had a very clear head and knew it was simply a race against my previous best time. Once I hit the finish, I heard the announcement that I had broken the world record with a time of 59.58. I was so proud that I had finally done it, and the standing ovation from the crowd was especially rewarding. It was by no means a perfect race, but proving that I could break the record was enough motivation for me to keep going after it over and over. We want to know about your best race ever. Tell us all about it in no more than 250 words, and email it to us at splash@usaswimming.org. The best story we receive will be featured in the next issue of Splash! As told to rachel lutz

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Splash - March/april 2012
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Splash - March/April 2012