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of $7,500,000

Empower   $1,500,000

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Universal Aquatic Center Renovation $1,000,000   
A renovated and fully-accessible Aquatic Center will serve the therapeutic and physical education needs of our students and community. Built over fifty years ago, the
pool was constructed before innovations in accessibility. Through normal depreciation of pipes and tiles, the pool also now requires a complete renovation.

Funding is needed to:
* Reconstruct the pool to meet new Health Departments standards, including a new piping system, floors, and walls ($250,000)
* Install an HVAC unit and fans to provide heat, A/C, and air circulation, and to dehumidify the pool area; install new boiler ($300,000)
* Purchase a new make-up tank, filters, pumps, and all new systems to chlorinate the water ($100,000)
* Install new windows and sliding doors ($100,000)
* Renovate locker rooms (tile work, counters, floor tiles, & bathroom fixtures) ($100,000)
* Miscellaneous (architect fees, new robotic vacuum, new lockers for locker rooms, etc.) ($150,000)

Universal Wellness Center   $500,000 
Our students, alumni, and the general community at large can benefit from a wellness program that features fitness equipment that is universally designed for
everyone, adapted yoga classes, touch massage therapy, oral health initiatives, and expert speakers on health-related topics.

Funding is needed for:

* Universal exercise equipment, such as hand-cycles and treadmills that can be used by people with or without wheelchairs ($200,000)
* Enhanced program offerings, such as aquatic therapy, adapted yoga and touch massage therapy ($250,000)
* Access to wellness and nutrition experts who can give tailored advice that is specific to children and adults with disabilities ($50,000)

Enrich   $3,500,000
Critical Upgrades to our Facilities   $2,000,000
Urgent and important capital upgrades such as replacements of a roof, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, and a fire safety systems are
essential to meet the health, safety and security needs of our current and future students. Today, our population is comprised of students who are considerably more
medically fragile than those we have served in the past, and our environment must be able to accommodate the many students who depend on life-sustaining care
throughout the school day. These upgrades will significantly improve the quality of life for the vulnerable population we serve.

 Funding is needed for:

* Replacing the roof of the Henry Viscardi School and Abilities, Inc. section of the building ($700,000)
* Replacing four heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units ($800,000)
* Upgrading the fire safety system throughout the facility ($500,000)

Expansion of Existing Programs   $1,500,000
We will create additional opportunities within our existing programs to provide the best possible education and employment outcomes for the people with disabilities
who have chosen The Viscardi Center to enhance the quality of their lives.  These programs include, but are not limited to:
* PROSPER (at-risk youth drop-out prevention program) - this program's excellent outcomes (96% of students graduate and go on to college, work or the military) has
the potential to be replicated to many more school districts
* Web Accessibility Services to assist companies in correcting or developing their websites to be accessible for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. 
This will be an extension of our Document Remediation Services, which makes digital files accessible for people with disabilities.
* Employment Training programs (culinary skills, retail and hospitality) - the hands-on curriculum leads to proven success on the job, and these programs can
potentially be offered to a wider audience in both Nassau and Suffolk counties




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