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Alexandra Hall

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hese days, movie and TV fans love
to talk about the deluge of sequels,
reboots, and remakes that have taken
over Hollywood. When Disney isn't busy putting out more record-breaking Marvel and
Star Wars entries, it's remaking its beloved
animated classics in live action. Other studios
are scrambling to build their own megafranchises to compete. On the small screen,
meanwhile, CBS has a new Twilight Zone,
HBO is working on somewhere between one
and infinity Game of Thrones spin-offs, and
NBC recently announced plans to bring back
Battlestar Galactica and Saved by the Bell,
to name just a few examples. The expectation, increasingly, is that everything can and
should be a franchise that lives forever.
What often goes unremarked in these
discussions is the idea that, to some degree,
video games got there first. Sure, movies (and
even novels) have gotten sequels for ages,
but for a long time that was the exception,
not the rule. Games, on the other hand, have
been pumping out follow-ups in volume
more or less since the start. Some of the
most prominent games on the market come
from series that are more than a decade old.
If it were a person, Call of Duty could get a
driver's license this year. Halo would finally be
old enough to vote. At 34, Super Mario Bros.
might already be living in the suburbs with a
Baby Mario or two.
Our cover story is another perfect example. The original Doom released in December

of 1993, helping to inspire one of the most
popular genres in all of gaming. Doom Eternal
is looking to keep up the momentum more
than 25 years later.
Remarkably, there's not a single game featured in this issue that's not a sequel, remake,
or spiritual successor of some kind. Our other
previews take a look at Ubisoft's open-world
hackathon Watch Dogs Legion (the third
game in its series), Nintendo's relaxing life
sim Animal Crossing: New Horizons (the fifth
main game), the gorgeous 2D platformer Ori
and the Will of the Wisps (only the second),
and the Final Fantasy VII Remake (the title
probably says it all on that one).
So what should we make of this franchise
dominance? While we're all for fresh ideas,
there's something comforting in knowing that
our favorite games have grown up along with
us. Plus, the prevalence of sequels doesn't
seem to have stopped newcomers from making it big-just ask Fortnite. At their best, longrunning series can allow game developers to
build on their past work to iterate, experiment,
and discover the next big thing. What have
games taught us if not the importance of
earning experience and leveling up?
Speaking of sequels, be sure to keep reading future issues of Walmart Gamecenter, the
magazine that keeps you at the center of all
things gaming.

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