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Batteries Impedance Track technology, it is not necessary to manually calibrate the battery. The use of Cell Balancing leads to maximum available capacity and to longer life. The battery packs have comprehensive charge/discharge safety systems as well as passive safety electronics, and worldwide agency certification approvals, and international recycling support. New Zinc-Air Battery System Surpasses Industry Benchmark for Off-Grid Energy Source QuantumSphere, Inc. has released the MetAir Ranger series for on-demand back-up power in off-grid and emergency applications. QSI’s MetAir Ranger portable power system has received independent validation that it surpasses the industry’s 72-hour emergency preparedness benchmark. The system achieved 108 hours of instantly accessible emergency power. The MetAir Ranger, a 3.2 kilowatt hour battery system weighing less than 25 pounds, yields energy densities of 352 Wh / Kg and costs per kilowatt hour of less than $200. The MetAir portable power systems utilize QSI’s proprietary cathode technology. While one MetAir Ranger system is about the size of a single deep cycle lead acid battery, it is roughly half the weight and has 11 times the equivalent energy per kilogram. It is also designed to accept replaceable power cartridges once the initial system is “air” activated and used. The MetAir Ranger series is essentially a “plug and play” box of portable energy and requires no external energy sources to stay charged. The MetAir Ranger RRC Standard Smart Batteries with Optimized Energy Density RRC has three new standard Li-Ion SMBus battery packs RRC2040, RRC2024 and RRC2040. The energy content for two of the battery packs: the RRC2020 and RRC2024, are now optimally rated close to the 100 watt limit that exists in terms of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance. The batteries are SMBus v1.1 compliant and meet the JEITA standards (required for export to Japan). The temperature-dependent load profiles of the batteries increase safety and also lead to a maximized cycle life of the batteries. Used in combination with RRC’s battery chargers, they can be optimized and accelerate charging. By using the INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR BATTERY DIAGNOSIS & MONITORING EXCLUSIVELY FROM SBS PROVIDING POWER SOLUTIONS® SINCE 1915 SBS-2002 or (2002C) Digital Hydrometer 1-800-554-2243 Call Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m. CST BCT-5000 Battery Capacity Tester SBS-2500 Digital Hydrometer BCT-3000 & BCT-3010 Battery Capacity Testers SBS-ULTRA Internal Resistance Tester GL-1000 Constant Current 1,000 Watts Load Tester September/October 2012 • Battery Power 21

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PRBA Battery Proposals Adopted By UN Transport Sub-Committee
The Use of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Monitor Your Battery Cells for Superior Reliability
Juicing Up the Battery: Cutting Edge Research Delivers Battery Enhancements
PEM Fuel Cell Systems – Reliable Backup Power Source for Remote or Extended Run Power Outages
Why Your Next Renewable System Should be Built Around Energy Storage
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Battery Power - September/October 2012