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Components Polarized, CR2 and CR123A Lithium Battery Holders A broad selection of polarized SMT and THM CR2 and CR123A lithium battery holders has joined the Keystone Electronics roster. With polarized contacts, a principal design feature, the advanced design holders accommodate all CR2 or CR123A batteries from major manufacturers. Equipped with heat resistant Nylon housings, the entries are suited for traditional soldering and reflow processing. Surface mount types feature gold-plated phosphor bronze contacts assuring low contact resistance and solder joints where lead-free soldering or reflow processes are employed. Thru-hole mount versions are equipped with tin-plated phosphor bronze contacts. A wide range of applications includes OEM photographic, medical, consumer and industrial electronics. Large pass through holes on the sides and bottom of the new shroud allow debris to freely flow through the shroud. This minimizes the chance of large debris being caught between the shroud and displacer, while still protecting the internal components from impact. Improved shroud and displacer designs achieve a 0.20 inch lower shut off level while maintaining the same overall valve length. This provides more room for electrolyte expansion inside the cell. The non-mechanical optical level indicator allows the operator to verify that each cell has been properly filled after watering. Millennium Plus+ features a built-in indicator that is independent from the valve function, giving a true reading even if the valve is damaged. The indicator simply signals the presence of liquid, with black for “full” and white for “water needed”. Flip tops are now color coded to match valves for quick valve length identification. These user-friendly access ports eliminate drilling cell covers and removing the watering system to check specific gravity levels. A 35P (DIN) adapter for the standard bayonet style valve is now available. The latest valve for GNB works on all GNB batteries including Flooded Classic, Liberator and Titan. These improvements in versatility can save hundreds of dollars in inventory costs. In addition, valves are faster and easier to install with the new ergonomic spanner tool. Advancements Made to Millennium Plus+ Flow-Rite has announced advancements to the Millennium Plus+ single point battery watering system. The latest features include a debris resistant shroud, lower shut off level, improved versatility and a new ergonomic installation tool. In addition to our complete line of larger test equipment Maccor offers a wide range of desktop test systems and support equipment, including... Secondary Cell Test System 32 Test Positions per Desktop Cabinet High Capabilities for Single-Cell Testing at a Very Economical Price Desktop Battery Test System 1 to 8 test positions makes this the perfect mid-range desktop tester Rack Mount or Desktop High Performance Temperature Chamber Frequency Response Analyzer Powerful AC impedence measurement system September/October 2012 • Battery Power 23

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Why Your Next Renewable System Should be Built Around Energy Storage
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Battery Power - September/October 2012