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NEW PRODUCTS • Charging, Testing & Monitoring Eltek Expands DC Power System Monitoring Capabilities with CAN Modules Eltek has announced a family of five new controller-area network (CAN) modules that enable its Smartpack and Smartpack2 controllers to monitor a complete range of power-related systems from a single controller. The Battery Monitor has four voltage measurement inputs used for battery symmetry monitoring based on midpoint or block measurements. The Battery Monitor also has inputs for monitoring one battery shunt and battery breaker. The Load Monitor Module lets site operators monitor individual distribution breakers. It can connect up to eight current shunts and can monitor up to eight fuses. It can also be used for both positive and negative distributions. The I/O Monitor Module expands the standard monitor and alarm capabilities of the Smartpack controllers. Each I/O Monitor Module has six configurable inputs for fuse sensing and feeding external signals into the control system and six configurable relay outputs for connecting external alarms including tank-level measurements or climate control sensors. The AC Mains Monitor provides inputs for measuring voltage and current on up to three phases of the system’s AC mains and enables monitoring of mains availability, quality and consumed energy. All nodes are powered by the distributed power supplied on the CAN bus from the Smartpack and Smartpack2. The CAN Power Module can be added to supplement the available power, if the CAN bus needs to be isolated or additional CAN bus power is needed. Configuration of the CAN nodes is plug and play and can then be done via the user display on the Smartpack controller or by using Eltek’s WebPower and PowerSuite software tools. The modules are powered by the CAN bus, so only a RJ45 patch cable is required for connecting the node to the control system. This enables greater flexibility in positioning the nodes close to their measuring connections reducing the amount of wiring needed. seamlessly interact; regardless of the manufacturer. The Skylla-i 24 V battery chargers will be NMEA 2000 certified shortly. Battery Monitor Makes Monitoring Affordable, Efficient and Reliable Factor Power, Inc. has launched the Extreme Battery Monitor (XBM). The XBM uses the latest methods in communication, features a stylish and modular design, and with its simple plug and play installation, it will afford customers savings in time and money upon integration. The XBM uses Split Core Technology, which allows the customer to install the product without having to take their system offline, which is an extremely important advantage. The SNMP and wireless functionalities allow the customer to observe their systems from wherever they are, whenever they want, from a laptop or mobile device. The XBM allows users to monitor up to four strings and 250 cells at a time with one unit, with nine different alarm types and eight different types of measurements. Midtronics Develops New GRX-5100 Hybrid/EV Battery Service Tool Midtronics, Inc. has completed the initial field testing for the GRX-5100 Hybrid/EV Battery Station, the high-voltage Hybrid/ EV vehicle battery service and de-power tool for various hybrid and electric vehicles. The GRX-5100 safely de-powers highvoltage batteries and also enables service for the battery system at the module level, reducing manufacturer warranty costs and repair time and expense for customers. Currently completing field testing at General Motors, the GRX-5100 was developed to perform full battery pack service, including balancing, charging in no-start situations and full de-powering. The de-power capability enables packs in vehicles that have been involved in severe collisions to be de-powered to a safe level for storage, recycling or shipment. Beyond service providers, the GRX-5100 is also targeted for reclamation yards where it can be used to perform critical safety checks and depowering with the battery pack either in or out of the vehicle. The GRX-5100 features a versatile electrical harness between vehicle batteries and communication systems via unique adapters for each vehicle model. Simple menu prompts guide verification that the battery and communication systems are properly connected and balancing or de-powering operations can safely begin. The station also utilizes USB-based memory, which will support system updates for future vehicle battery systems without a hardware upgrade. The GRX-5100 is the latest in Midtronics products for the hybrid/electric vehicle market. Previous product releases have included the HYB-1000 Hybrid Battery System Analyzer, designed for the aftermarket, and the GRX-5000 EV Battery Module Diagnostic Station, which performs both battery module balancing and diagnostics and was initially created in support of the Nissan LEAF program. Victron Energy B.V. Introduces the Skylla-i 24 Volt Battery Chargers Victron Energy has added two battery chargers to its product range: the Skylla-i 24/80 and 24/100. These two battery chargers are Victron’s answer to the growing demand for modern, powerful battery chargers. The Skylla-i 24 V battery chargers are light and small, allow remote control, enable to set a maximum amount of shore side current and are NMEA 2000-certified. The Skylla-i 24 V battery chargers are significantly lighter and smaller than their predecessors. The Skylla-i 24 V models are 30 percent lighter and 35 percent smaller in volume. With the Skylla-i Control GX control panel, the Skylla-i 24 V charge process is easy to monitor and to control. The panel indicates the state of charge by means of energy efficient LEDs. The battery chargers can be connected to self designed SCADA systems by means of the NMEA 2000 canbus. This new development is completely in line with Victron’s open network philosophy, an operative network in which all components 26 Battery Power • September/October 2012

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