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INDUSTRY NEWS Orbital Sciences Corp. Awards GS Yuasa Lithium Power Follow-On Order for Additional Cygnus Satellite Batteries GS Yuasa Lithium Power, Inc. has been awarded a follow-on order by Orbital Sciences Corp. to deliver batteries to be used aboard the Cygnus cargo logistics spacecraft supporting NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) program for the International Space Station. The order from Orbital is for battery sets for Cygnus spacecraft that will carry out missions four through eight of the CRS contract. In 2011 GYLP successfully completed deliveries of batteries in support of the initial demonstration mission and CRS missions one to three. “GS Yuasa has successfully completed the deliveries for the demonstration mission and the first three CRS missions. This follow-on award demonstrates Orbital’s confidence in our ability to deliver highly reliable battery systems, meet program milestones and support a long-term program,” said William Moll, GYLP president. “GYLP looks forward to continuing to work with Orbital in support of the CRS program.” GS Yuasa’s lithium ion batteries provide a low mass and highly reliable solution to power Orbital’s Cygnus advanced maneuvering space vehicle. The batteries will be assembled and tested at GYLP’s Roswell, GA facility and use GS Yuasa’s space qualified LSE190 rechargeable lithium ion cells. The initial battery delivery for this order will be in the fourth quarter of this year with additional deliveries through 2014. tally of electric vehicles sold last year was 43,200 cars. Fuel cell cars are expected to be mass produced only post 2014. The fuel cell vehicles are still on the test bench with only a hand full of vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz F-cell, Toyota FCHV-adv and Chevrolet Equinox running diversified trails. Honda FCX Clarity leases for $600 a month for a period of three years. Mid-Continent Instrument Company Signs Agreement Supply Advanced Nanophosphate Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Aviation Applications Mid-Continent Instrument Co., Inc. has strengthened its True Blue Power division by signing a distribution and supply agreement with A123 Systems, Inc. by which Mid-Continent will offer A123’s advanced Nanophosphate lithium-ion battery technology for aviation applications. True Blue Power, which was announced in March 2011, initially began by offering two inverters and the TS835 Emergency Power Supply (EPS), the industry’s first FAA TSO-approved EPS to feature A123 technology. Under the agreement with A123, True Blue Power will provide lithium-ion cells, modules and custom power solutions to the aviation community. ABSL Space Products Lithium-Ion Battery Outlasts Satellite Mission Goal EnerSys and its Longmont, Colo.-based ABSL Space Products (ABSL) business has announced that the lithium-ion battery built for the Tactical Satellite-3 (TacSat-3) performed nearly three times its planned mission life before the satellite de-orbited on April 30th,, 2012. ABSL was selected by ATK to design, fabricate, test and deliver a lithium-ion battery for the TacSat-3 spacecraft bus that was designed and built by ATK. ABSL’s battery was responsible for powering the satellite during eclipse and peak mission load conditions. The TacSat-3 spacecraft bus was designed for one year of operational goal but the satellite exceeded that goal by nearly two years. TacSat-3 is a forerunner to the Operationally Responsive Space program (ORS). ABSL also provided the lithium-ion space battery to ATK for the ORS-1 mission. TacSat-3 was designed to meet the various needs of the US military forces. ABSL’s lithium-ion battery was a key component in the success of the onboard satellite operations, which exceeded the original mission life goal. BMW and Toyota Join Hands to Develop Fuel Cells In a Decade in Which Battery Driven Vehicles are Expected to Dominate BMW and Toyota have announced a joint development for a fuel cell sports car in extension of the research partnership of lithium ion batteries established last year. With this step, both companies are keeping their options wide open. While BMW has proactively been developing a hydrogen engine vehicle, Toyota’s interest would rest with designing and engineering the sports car with an ultra-light CFRP body, which is one of the core competencies of BMW. Partnerships between vehicle manufacturers are the key for development and commercialisation of future expensive technologies such as fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. At least five electrification related joint ventures between manufactures can be observed for 2011. BMW joined hands with PSA last year to produce and share hybrid components for mass produced electric vehicles. The key advantage lies in the manufacturer reducing development expenses and accelerating the time for commercialization in such a conjoint effort. Sharing components between manufacturers for new technologies helps achieve economies of scale. If the fuel cell is the ultimatum of a sustainable vehicle, it is the lithium ion driven battery vehicle however, which has occupied the market today. More than 25,000 electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrid vehicles) have been sold in the first five months of 2012 in North America and Europe alone. The global ANSYS Making Electric Vehicle Batteries More Practical and Efficient One year into a US Department of Energy (DOE) funded project, ANSYS, General Motors LLC, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and ESim are leveraging engineering simulation technology to optimize electric and hybrid vehicle battery performance. The team achieved significant milestones during the past year in support of the DOE’s Computer Aided Engineering for Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries (CAEBAT) project. Industry News continued on page 30 28 Battery Power • September/October 2012

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