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Components Advanced Design 9 Volt Battery Straps Two series of high reliability, pre-wired and cost-effective 9 V battery straps that accommodate 9 V alkaline and 9 V lithiumion batteries are available from Keystone Electronics Corp. The entries consist of the high performance "Premium" design as well as the similarly designed, cost-saving "Economy" types. The "Premium" selection is made of molded Polyethylene or rigid fiber and incorporates high quality insulators, and Phosphor Bronze or Spring Steel, Nickelplated, snap-on connectors. Availability is in "T" or "I" configurations. All straps are engineered for long-term dependability using soldered-in red and black wire leads in three lengths: 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch for shielded types which are fully insulated to reduce accidental short circuit incidence. The "Economy" types feature a similar and are offered in "T" or "I" configurations. Fully insulated, they feature Brass, Nickel-plated contacts and molded ABS or vinyl covered bases. New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced MPD has invented CR2016 low profile coin cell battery holder. While other CR2016 holder solutions often rise more than 8.5 mm above the PCB, the BLP2016SM-GTR rises 3.1 mm with an installed CR2016. This directly saves more than 5 mm in board height when compared to typical CR2016 battery holders available on the market. Built with reliability as the first gold-flashed, nickelplated phosphor bronze contacts that resist corrosion. The contacts offer low electrical resistance and resistance to intermittent connections, while the recurved positive contact provide extra retention on the coin cell battery. The lightweight LCP base piece of the holder is strong, and can withstand temperatures like 260°C for modern, leadfree reflow soldering. LCP replicates metal by offering a tensile strength and modulus close to aluminum. Additionally, the LCP has chemical resistance and can withstand repeated sterilizations by standard methods used in medical device assembly, including gamma and electron beam, ethylene oxide, and hot steam or hot air processes. November/December 2013 * Battery Power 25

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Li-Ion Battery Technology Delivers High Power for Data Center UPS Installations
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Understanding When and Why You Need UPS Battery Replacement
Charging Forward: A Resurgence of the EV Movement and the Role Charging Infrastructure Plays in Continuing the Momentum
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Battery Power - November/December 2013