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marketPlace Precision Expanded Metals & Polymers MicroGrid ® Expanded Metals and Polymers Engineered To Help You Build Superior Batteries From The Inside Out Calendar of Events November 12-13 - Next Generation Batteries 2013, San Diego, CA 12-13 - Lithium Battery Power 2013, San Diego, CA * Excellent Support Structure for Active Material * Engineered Geometry for Precision Weight, Thickness, Open Area and Conductivity * Superior Current Collector Screens * MicroGrid® Technology process ensures high reproducibility leading to more consistent battery production and quality (203) 294-4440 14-15 - Battery Safety 2013, San Diego, CA December 12-13 - Remote Monitoring & Control 2013, Las Vegas, NV 2014 February 3-7 - AABC 2014, Atlanta, GA 26-28 - Battery Japan, Tokyo, Japan March 10-13 - The 31st International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, Fort Lauderdale, FL 13-16 - Battery Alliance 2014, San Diego, CA Send Calendar of Event listings to Shannon Given at November/December 2013 * Battery Power 29

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Solid-State Battery Developed at CU-Boulder Could Double the Range of Electric Cars
GS Yuasa Batteries Help Power Orbital Science’s Cygnus Spacecraft on Mission to ISS
Li-Ion Battery Technology Delivers High Power for Data Center UPS Installations
Battery Demands for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Understanding When and Why You Need UPS Battery Replacement
Charging Forward: A Resurgence of the EV Movement and the Role Charging Infrastructure Plays in Continuing the Momentum
Charging Systems
Testing & Monitoring
ICs & Semiconductors
Industry News

Battery Power - November/December 2013