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New Products * Chargers Bitrode Unveils High Density IGBT Formation Charger In conjunction with its parent company, Sovema S.p.A, Bitrode has announced the North American debut of a High Density (HD) IGBT formation charger. The HD-CR/CD operates at 16 KHz and allows users to achieve efficiency and power factors of 90 percent and 99 percent respectively. This increase in efficiency is not only beneficial for new facilities or for new expansions, but it also offers a unique benefit to customers with limited space but an increase in production needs. "With this product, power factor correction is not needed. The HD-CR/ CD's enhanced performance may be the difference that will allow an existing facility to increase their production capacity without having to increase their facility's electrical service or distribution system by replacing their existing SCR technology based systems," said John Grimm, director of Sales and Marketing. Bitrode has expanded its line of formation charges with the introduction of this IGBT based product line. The HD-CR/CD is a complement to their existing line of formation equipment for automotive, traction and stationary applications. The HD-CR/CD is being produced in several configurations and supports paralleled applications. 720 Watt On-Board Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Charger Green Watt Power, a division of Calex Mfg. Co., Inc., has announced the availability of the EVC-116-720. The EVC-116-720 is a two-stage constant current/constant voltage charger specifically designed for onboard electric vehicle applications including electric scooters, motorcycles and ATVs. The EVC-116-720 has a universal input range of 90 to 264 VAC with an input frequency range of 47 to 63 Hz. The charger features CAN communication to optimize the charger performance based upon commands from the vehicle's battery management system. The charger is rated IP64 with the charge connector rated at IP25. The overall charger dimensions are 12.2 inches by 7.08 inches by 2.0 inches. Weight is 2.9 kg. Depending on application requirements and/or constraints, Green Watt Power can modify the physical packaging, interconnects and/or charge profile to meet the unique needs of each individual vehicle design. The standard EVC-116-720 price is $250/each at 1,000 pieces. The output current of the EVC-116-720 is 6 A with a current range of 5.8 to 6.2 A . The output voltage regulation band is 69 to 116 VDC. The input current is 10 ARMS at 110 VAC and 5 ARMS at 240 VAC continuous. The standard product input power socket is a panel mount IEC-60320 C14. The CAN connector is a JAE MX23A18NF1. The efficiency of the EVC-116-720 is 92 percent at 115 VAC and 94 percent at 220 VAC. The power factor at 110 VAC is 0.99 and 0.96 at 220 VAC. Ripple and noise is +/- 10 percent of Iout max. The operating temperature range of the EVC-116-720 is -23°C to 85°C and the storage range is -40°C to 85°C. The EVC-116-720 is protected by over voltage protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection. Lithium-Ion Battery Converter/Charger A new lithium-ion battery converter/charger, the Inteli-Power 9100L series, is available from Progressive Dynamics, Inc. These 12 volt and 24 volt lithium-ion battery converter/chargers are designed to meet the stringent voltages required for properly charging and maintaining lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries require special balancing circuits and chargers to prevent overcharging a cell or discharging too much. Standard features of the Inteli-Power 9100L series converter/chargers include reverse battery protection, electronic current limiting, low line and high voltage protection and a variable speed intelligent cooling fan. Units also deliver filtered DC power to the lithium-ion battery to ensure the built-in electronic balancing circuits operate properly. Output voltage can be factory adjusted to meet OEM requirements for various lithium-ion battery chemistries and voltages. These converter/chargers are designed for lithium-ion batteries, that typically store three to four times the energy of a lead/acid battery within the same space, with less weight. 28 Battery Power * Spring 2015

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