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New Products * Batteries Exide Technologies Introduces GNB Tubular CMX Exide Technologies has introduced its GNB branded Tubular CMX (Conventional Maintenance) battery line for motive power applications. The conventional maintenance tubular product completes the trio of batteries in the GNB Tubular battery family, all built with heavy-duty, tubular plates. Engineered for premium, heavy-duty performance, the round-tube technology of the batteries provides for lower internal resistances than competitive, square-tube designs. The GNB Tubular CMX is designed to deliver cost-efficient power for everyday, conventional use and is available in 85 amp hour (Ah) and 125 Ah ratings. The GNB Tubular CMX joins the recently launched LMX (Low Maintenance) line, engineered to minimize end-user maintenance costs by allowing longer, 90-day intervals between watering, and the GNB Tubular HP (High Performance) line, designed to deliver the highest power and energy levels for longer runs, even in extreme (cold storage) environments. Along with the GNB Tubular CMX, these low-maintenance, high-density batteries maintain higher voltages and operate with longer run times. "The addition of the GNB Tubular CMX to our motive power battery lineup fills a need in the market by providing customers with cost-effective power for everyday use while leveraging our proven durable and dependable round-tube technology," said Laurence Bennett, vice president, Motive Power Sales-Americas for Exide Technologies. "The robust design and reliable power of the Tubular CMX are well suited for demanding lift truck applications." The GNB Tubular LMX and Tubular HP are currently available through Exide dealers across the US. The Tubular CMX will be available in June 2016. Microvast Launches Non-Flammable Battery Technology Microvast, Inc. has launched its non-flammable battery technology for lithium-ion batteries. This technology is a breakthrough for the industry, resolving battery safety issues through a multi-level approach from materials to the system level. The technology takes both active and passive protection measures in order to enhance product safety, including improvements to the battery's electrolyte, separator and protection system. Although the electric vehicle market experienced a huge upswing last year, especially in China, global automotive giants have not responded to the demand with increased large-scale production and sales. One of the important reasons for this is the unpredictable flammable nature of lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion battery has certain risk of random short-circuiting during its production and use, which can cause accidents. Even with a high quality control standard in place (i.e., 2 ppm for 18650 cylindrical batteries), in every 100,000 vehicles sold, 1,600 of them would have batteries at risk of bursting into flame. Research has shown that when thermal runaway occurs in a lithium-ion battery, most of its heat is released by electrolytes, which means electrolytes need to be controlled to ensure safety. However, it is a challenge to develop non-flammable electrolytes with ultra-fast charge capability and long life. Thanks to the tremendous efforts by its research team, Microvast has developed an electrolyte that is non-flammable and can be fully charged within 10 to 15 minutes and with a cycle life of over 10,000 times. A high performance separator is also an important protection measure for lithium-ion batteries. A normal lithium-ion battery separator has a low melting point and will usually shrink around 130°C. The resulting short circuit will lead to thermal runaway of the battery. The newly developed separator has a higher melting point compared with commercial ones, which ensures that it does not shrink even at temperatures of up to 300°C. This reduces the possibility of thermal runaway and short circuiting. 24 Battery Power * Summer 2016

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