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New Products * ICs & Semiconductors Intersil Ships Industry's First USB-C Buck-Boost Battery Charger Intersil Corp. has introduced the industry's first buck-boost battery charger that supports two-way power delivery in ultrabooks, tablets and power banks using the reversible USB Type-C connector. The singlechip ISL9237 Narrow VDC (NVDC) battery charger replaces competitive buck and boost two-chip charger solutions, eliminating a charger IC and inductor to reduce customer bill of materials (BOM) costs by up to 40 percent. The ISL9237 leverages Intersil's patented R3 modulation technology for acoustic noise-free operation, light load efficiency and fast transient response to extend battery run-time. The USB 3.1-compliant ISL9237 joins the emerging USB-C ecosystem as the first battery charger capable of providing buck-mode, buck-boost-mode, and boost-mode for 1-to-3 cell Li-ion batteries. It also supports USB On-The-Go (OTG) with a 5Vout reverse buck-mode, and reduces traditional twostage charging to a single-stage buck-boost for improved efficiency. The USB Type-C interface connection enables delivery of data, video and power up to 100 W over a single cable. In charging mode, the ISL9237 takes input power from a wide range of DC power sources, AC/DC charger adapters, USB power delivery (PD) ports and any travel adapter, to charge battery packs with up to 3-series cell Li-ion batteries. The ISL9237 can also operate connected to only a battery, an adapter, or both. The ISL9237's system turbo-mode helps the battery and charger adapter work together to supply the system load when it exceeds the adapter's capability. In turbo-mode, the ISL9237 quickly turns on the battery BGATE FET to deliver system power. In addition, the ISL9237's wide 5V to 20V input voltage capability helps boost the USB-C ecosystem to support new power bank products. The ISL9237 buckboost battery charger is available now in a 4 mm by 4 mm, 32-lead QFN package and priced at $3.50 in 1,000 quantities. Semtech Wireless Charging Evaluation Platforms Available Through Worldwide Distribution Semtech Corp. has announced that its Wireless Charging Evaluation platforms are now available directly through online distributors Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics. The transmitter and receiver platforms are available in a variety of power configurations and provide the tools design engineers need to quickly prototype and demonstrate their wireless charging applications. The platforms offer users a complete kit that includes a PC board with a controller, other components such as FET driver, buck regulator, rectifier (depending on the kit) and firmware that is easily upgradeable by the user. The kits make it easy for engineers to develop and test wireless charging applications for low powered mobile and wearable devices, medium-powered electronics equipment such as laptops, monitors and car charging systems, and high powered devices such as power tools. The kits can also be used to develop and test wireless charging infrastructure applications such as furniture and countertop embedded wireless charging, which is becoming widespread in the hospitality industry and in places such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, office buildings and airports. "We've seen a big spike in demand for our industry leading, multi-mode and flexible wireless charging solutions from our customers. The demand has been across a wide spectrum of applications in the wearables, portable consumer electronics, infrastructure and hospitality markets. Making our "plug 'n play" evaluation kits affordable and easily accessible to customers will help allow them to accelerate their products to market," said Ruwanga Dassanayake, product line manager for Wireless Charging for Semtech's Power and High Reliably Product Group. 26 Battery Power * Summer 2016

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