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Industry News Demand for Large Electric Bus Lithium-Ion Batteries is Expected to Grow to Nearly $30 Billion by 2026 Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Buses 20162026 - Technologies (LFP, NMC, LMO, LFMP, NCA, Supercapacitors, Lithium Capacitors, Post Lithium and Flywheels), Market Trends, Forecasts and Key Players" report to their offering. The battery market has come alive again as manufacturers are all rushing to address the emerging market for large-sized batteries driven largely by the rapid growth in sales of electric buses. The report says that the rush is fully justified as it sees the market growing to $30 billion in 2026, potentially making it the largest segment of overall battery market. Just to set this in context, the report expects the market for electric bus batteries to overtake the consumer electronic battery sector by 2019-2020. These are interesting times for the battery market again. These new applications are set to alter the business landscape, at the technology, supplier and territory level. This will have major implications not only for large battery corporations but also for all those involved in the battery production value chain. China currently dominates this market with 97 percent of electric buses and 75 percent of their batteries currently produced in China. Despite its slow charge rates, LFP is the technology of choice due to its higher safety levels which matters more at large battery sizes. The IP landscape for LFP is also more open and accommodating, removing one of the key non-capital barriers into this market. EnerSys Acquires Florida Based Advanced Lithium Battery Manufacturing Business EnerSys has completed the acquisition of certain assets of The Enser Corp. headquartered in Pinellas Park, Florida. ENSER is a manufacturer of molten salt "thermal" batteries used in powering a multitude of electronics, guidance and other electrical loads on many of today's advanced weapon systems. ENSER's proprietary lithium silicon cobalt disulfide chemistry provides improved performance and increased power density required for next-generation strategic defense weapons and precision guided weapon systems. The acquisition of ENSER provides EnerSys with additional technologies, expanded relationships with major aerospace and defense customers, and opportunities for additional synergies within our lithium businesses. "This acquisition is a natural extension of our capabilities in the aerospace and defense markets," said Michael J. Schmidtlein, executive vice president and CFO of EnerSys. "ENSER's products are powering many of today's most advanced weapon systems and we look forward to expanding our products and services in this crucial and strategic market." With the acquisition, EnerSys will have expanded capabilities in the design and development, automated manufacturing, and testing of thermal batteries for the US Department of Defense and allied militaries. A123 Systems Announces New Manufacturing Facility in the Czech Republic A123 Systems LLC, a developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems, is expanding its operations in Europe by opening a new manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic city of Ostrava. The company currently operates manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, China, Changzhou, China and southeastern Michigan in the US. The opening of the new facility is the result of a substantial surge in European market demand for low voltage automotive products, a strategic focus of A123. The new plant will complement A123's existing technical center in Stuttgart, Germany. With the assistance of CzechInvest, A123 will open the manufacturing plant in Ostrava and expects to begin production in the second half of 2016. This European location will establish regional assembly of A123's advanced 12V Lithium-ion starter battery and next generation 48V battery and cost effectively support the growing market demand. By providing an alternative to traditional lead-acid technology with an environmentally conscious solution that delivers lower emissions and increased fuel economy benefits, A123 has strengthened its market leadership for micro-hybrid battery systems. "Our new business wins in the micro-hybrid market have validated A123's strategy and given us an opportunity to expand our global manufacturing footprint." said Jason Forcier, CEO. "Our recently an- 30 Battery Power * Summer 2016

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