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Industry News Several residential and commercial battery systems will be installed and tested at UC San Diego, which hosts one of the world's largest microgrids with state-of-the-art monitoring and controls. Eos, the university, and its partners will integrate battery systems with solar photovoltaics to perform application specific performance characterization, including load following, demand management, back-up power, as well as solar PV balancing and time-shifting. Intelligent software will be used to manage and aggregate these distributed energy storage systems to create a virtual power plant capable of participating in wholesale energy markets and reducing system, as opposed to customer, demand. "The development of advanced energy storage is a key element to enabling increased levels of renewable generation in California," said Bill Torre, program director of Energy Storage Research at UC San Diego's Center for Energy Research. "With our unique energy storage research and testing capability, UC San Diego will help energy storage companies, such as Eos, move quickly to successful commercial market production. We look forward to working with Eos on this exciting project." Partner branded products are expected to hit the market in 2017 and will drive continued penetration of Eos's batteries. The company has already sold its full production capacity for 2016, is working with developers to deliver 52 MWhs of energy services awarded through PG&E's recent energy storage solicitation, and is supplying numerous other commercial projects in the US and internationally. Calendar of Events June 8-10 - ACI's 3rd National Capitalizing on Grid-Scale, San Francisco, Calif. 14-17 - Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, Detroit, Mich. July 26-28 - 15th Outage Management for Power Plants, New Orleans, La. August 3-4 - Battery Power 2016, Denver, Colo. 3-4 - Critical Power North America, Denver, Colo. September 13-15 - The Battery Show, Novi, Mich. November 3-4 - Critical Power West, Las Vegas, Nev. 3-4 - Low-Power 2016, Las Vegas, Nev. Summer 2016 * Battery Power 33

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