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Thermal Thermacore Introduces VME64x/VPX Cold Plates for Military Cooling Applications Thermacore has introduced a new line of cold plates that meet the most recent VME64x/VPX standards, and support commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packaging formats. These high conductance cold plates offer improvement in electronics cooling performance as compared to conventional technologies used in military and aerospace applications. The line of lightweight, ruggedized cold plates, available in 3U, 6U and 9U formats, feature thermal performance with added temperature uniformity, resulting in lower electronic component temperatures and increased operational life. These cold plates offer military embedded system designers the ability to reduce system size, weight and power with improved cooling (SWaP-C). Thermacore offers the VME64x/VPX cold plates in three technology options. Selecting the appropriate cold plate technology is dependent on the application need for thermal performance, weight and cost. The baseline aluminum cold plate is produced from highly conductive aluminum alloys such as 6061 and 6063 with thermal conductivity values of 166 and 201 W/m. The k-Core cold plate offers up to six times the conductance of solid aluminum designs and up to 20 percent lower mass. Its Thermacore’s k-Core material, a patented system that encapsulates Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) with the same aluminum alloys as basic solid aluminum cold plates, boosts the thermal performance of the basic solid aluminum cold plates to even lower temperatures while reducing system mass. Lastly the Embedded Heat Pipe cold plate is constructed from solid aluminum that is integrated with heat pipes to remove hot spots from the applications where heat loads are concentrated. Thermacore’s embedded heat pipes offer significant thermal performance improvement when compared with typical solid aluminum or copper-based cold plates in electronics or computers, where the heat source is small. and can prevent equipment downtime caused by routine shutdown of facility HVAC systems. The OD1232-SPOT/DIN fan is a 12 V DC fan that measures 4.7 by 1.25 inches and is offered with ball bearings. The fan features a maximum airflow of 120 CFM with a speed of 3,550 RPM. Operating temperature ranges from -20ºC to 80ºC, and life expectancy is to 60,000 hours. The SpotCool fan is easily mounted on a DIN rail with a four screw, five-step installation. If there are no options for a screwmount, the SpotCool fan can be securely fastened with the provided double-sided industrial mounting tape that facilitates its mounting any place in the enclosure and in any direction. Orion Fans offers an installation package for the SpotCool DIN rail mounted fan that includes a power source that can be plugged into any standard 5-15R outlet, finger guards with hardware, mounting brackets, a 6 inch DIN rail, clip and mounting tape. MovinCool Releases Office Pro W20 WaterCooled Portable Spot Air Conditioner Orion Fans Delivers Spot Cooling Solutions with First DIN Rail Mounted Fan The new MovinCool Office Pro W20 is a water-cooled, portable spot air conditioner that offers a cooling capacity of 15,700 Btu/h. The unit, which is MovinCool’s first water-cooled model, is designed for applications where an air-cooled spot air conditioner cannot be used because there is no drop ceiling or other available space to exhaust hot air into. The Office Pro W20 is self-contained, combining a compressor, condenser and evaporator within a single housing. No external condensing unit or refrigerant charging is required, saving construction, installation and maintenance costs. The unit can simply be wheeled into place, connected to a water supply, plugged into a standard 115 V electrical outlet and turned on. The Office Pro W20 can operate at temperatures as low as 65°F, with water temperatures as high as 90°F and a minimum water pressure of 12 psi, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. An advanced-design, programmable controller also allows users to set the times and days of the week when the unit turns on and off. The controller can be connected to a fire-alarm system to allow emergency shutdown and has a signal output for remote notification of system errors or failure. Orion Fans has developed a DIN rail mounted fan for thermal management issues in enclosures or cabinets. The SpotCool DIN rail mount fan provides an energyefficient alternative to design-in cooling solutions with a simple installation that can be placed in any enclosure. The SpotCool fan provides directed airflow of up to 120 CFM in any area that facility air conditioning cannot reach with minimal noise and power consumption. Designated the OD1232-SPOT/ DIN, the SpotCool solution features a standard thermistor control function that modulates airflow according to the ambient temperature changes within the enclosure, allowing it to use less energy without requiring user interaction. The SpotCool DIN rail mounted fan is a tube axial DC fan that is able to provide sufficient on demand supplemental airflow to cool equipment used on a 24-hour basis 18 Kooltronic Expands 480 V, NEMA 4 and 4X Air Conditioner Line Kooltronic, Inc. has made additions to its 480 V panel mounted air conditioners designed to cool the interior of electrical/electronic enclosures. These new models have expanded the series capacity to 5,000 to 26,000 BTU/H, available in either NEMA 4 or 4X, 480 V. These air conditioners are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications where weather or corrosion resistance is required. The Guardian series models feature epoxy-coated condenser coils and painted galvanized sheet metal and can be used in wash down and outdoor environments. The GuardianX series adds a stainless steel shell which makes these models well suited for components that need to be housed in 4X rated enclosures. All models are UL/CUL Listed and use either environmentally-friendly CFC-free R134a or zero ODP R410a refrigerant. June/July 2011 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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