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Thermal Energy savings are generated from multiple sources. First, by installing active chimneys the data center immediately achieves hot aisle/cold aisle containment. Fan assisted chimneys are more efficient than static chimneys since they draw the hot exhausted air from the rack, allowing more efficient server fan operation. Dynamic fan assisted chimneys eliminate infiltration and/or exfiltration of air from the rack making them highly efficient and they operate only when required. Second, energy savings are generated from having the hot aisle/ cold aisle configuration in the data center. This minimizes, and in some cases, totally eliminates mixing of the hot and cold air in the space. Elimination of air mixing permits the IT professional to increase the supply air temperature from the CRACs, thereby reducing cooling costs. Third, and perhaps the most significant savings is matching the amount of air supplied to the space by the CRACs. It is not uncommon to oversupply data centers with conditioned air by two times or more. Tremendous savings can be generated by reducing the operational expenses of cooling system, and the amount of fan energy required to supply the air to the space. applied due to low pressure tolerances of the affected parts. The silicone putty material transfers little to no pressure between interfaces. Because it is more viscous than grease, bleed and pump-out usually associated with grease is eliminated. Highly conformable and reworkable, Tputty 506 is colored for automatic detection systems and is available in 75 cc, 180 cc, 360 cc and 600 cc cartridges, and also 20 kg buckets. Sensor Film Allows Quick Checking and Correcting of Surface Temperature Variations Laird Technologies Expands Thermal Gap Filler Line with Tputty 506 Series Silicone Putty Laird Technologies, Inc. has expanded its thermal gap filler product line with the release of its Tputty 506 series silicone putty. Specifically designed for high-wattage electronic applications, Tputty 506 is a soft, single part, silicone putty thermal gap filler in which no cure is required. With a thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/mK, it is well suited for situations involving large gap tolerances and in instances where traditional gap filler pads cannot be Sensor Products, Inc. is offering Thermex temperature distribution film for heat sink applications. Thermex is an economical thin film that can be used in virtually any application to test and monitor heated contacting surfaces from 200°F to 300°F. It can be used alone or in conjunction with Fuji Prescale pressure indicating film. Upon exposure to heat, Thermex changes color instantaneously and permanently to reveal temperature distribution between any two contacting surfaces. The intensity of this color change directly relates to the temperature it was exposed to enabling Thermex to reveal spot high or low temperature zones and minute surface variations. Invasive intolerant environments and interfaces that aren’t easily accessed with traditional temperature indicators and infrared thermometers are also candidates for Thermex. While the Thermex used for testing may be saved for archival purposes, its low cost renders it inherently disposable. A sheet can be easily trimmed for smaller applications or custom cut to defined dimensions. June/July 2011 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com 21 http://www.remoteexpo.com http://www.remoteexpo.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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New Material Adapts to Strain
XPAL Power Debuts PowerSkin Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases
Ruggedizing Enclosures: From Military to Seismic to Mobile Applications
The Benefits of Using Thermal Simulation Software in Electronics Design
Designers Face a Potentially Confusing Assortment of Surge Protection Device Choices
Military’s Demands Drive Innovative Thermal Management Solutions
Integra Enclosures Releases new Product to Genesis Line of Enclosures
New LCR COTS Filters Perform in Extended Temperature Range for Added Reliability
Thermacore Introduces VME64x/VPX Cold Plates for Military Cooling Applications
Laird Technologies Expands Thermal Gap Filler Line
ASI New Line of 13mm MCB’s offer UL 1077 Supplemental Protection
New Deutsch HDP Series Electrical Connector
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Electronics Protection - June/July 2011