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ITE Continued from page 7 • Functional Prototype build for test and evaluation is a critical step in demonstrating that production-like product meets performance and other product specification requirements. Associated Voice of the Customer research, Voice of the Product data acquisition and Failure Mode & Effects Analysis help validate initial design assumptions and enable design optimization prior to release to tooling and product launch. • Design optimization and documentation refinement is performed after functional prototype build and test, where those results influence the final design. Updated Bill of Materials reestablish financial expectations, support supplier selection, help define production set up and assembly operations, in preparation for pilot production and process validation. • Lessons Learned from project experiences are documented to define things that worked well and those that didn’t, in order to improve the product development process and document best practices. • Product Evolution Planning is the final stage of the development process, where next generation product is defined in the interest of constant product improvement and innovation, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Complex packaging challenges require a robust enclosure design process and utilizing best practices to maximize product performance and minimize risk. Performance and risk expand beyond the product level, including company financials, liability exposure, reputation and success in the market place. By taking uncertainty out of the process and following a structured product development road map, the likelihood of success is improved significantly. The XX55 Fuel Cell achieved time to market in under one year and is currently used by US Special Forces. Next generation product is already being developed. Pete Werwick, VP Sales and Marketing for ITE, has over 30 years experience in the field new product development. A technical background in mechanical and human factors engineering, combined with extensive business development and marketing experience, has enabled a unique perspective and understanding on how to successfully bring new products to market. ITE is a design and engineering firm specializing in helping clients develop new products. Experience in diverse product applications such as consumer, medical, military, commercial and industrial markets, enables innovative solution development. Core competencies include mechanical, electronics and software development for clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. For more information please visit www.ite.com. Calendar Calendar of Events November 2011 1-2, AdvancedTCA Summit, San Jose, Ca. Contact www.advancedtcasummit.com 6-9, International Cable & Connectivity Symposium, Charlotte, NC. Contact www.iwcs.org 7-9, IMAPS Workshop on Thermal Management, Palo Alto, Calif. Contact www.imaps.org 7-9, Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock, Acton, Mass. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 7-11, Wireless and EMC Seminar, Newark, CA. Contact www.wll.com 8-9, Critical Infrastructure Exchange, Columbus Ohio. Contact www.criticalexchange.com 9-11, InfraMation 2011, Las Vegas, NV. Contact www.inframation.org 12-18, SuperComputing 2011, Seattle, Wash. Contact www.sc11.supercomputing.org 14-17, FABTECH 2011, Chicago, Ill. Contact www.fabtechexpo.com 27 - Dec. 1, 2011 FSAWWA Conference, Orlando, Fla. Contact www.fsawwa.org 29-30, Server Design Summit, Santa Clara, Calif. Contact www.serverdesignsummit.com December 2011 5-8, Military Standard 810G Testing Training, Santa Clarita, Calif. 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Raritan Introduces Data Center Rack Controller for Environment and Security Asset Management
Enclosure Design for Extreme Environments
The Power Monitoring Imperative
Protection Selection: Guidelines for Choosing Remote Monitoring Enclosures
Rittal Releases New Hygienic Design Enclosures
Emerson Network Power Introduces Data Center Cooling System
Falcon Electric Adds Lightweight 10-Year Rated Lithium-Ion Batteries to SSG Series UPSs
Crenlo Introduces IBC Kit to its Lineup of Emcor Accessories
Littelfuse Introduces SP1006 TVS Diode Array For ESD Protection in Ultra-Small Form Factors
2012 Electronics Protection Resource Guide
Industry News
Calendar of Events

Electronics Protection - November/December 2011