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Thermal New Triton Ice Thermoelectric Chill to Unprecedented Temperatures Marlow Industries has released a new Triton ICE thermoelectric module series that will chill electronics as much as 2°C below current market offerings. Inspired by sub-zero temperatures on Neptune’s moon Triton, the coolers can improve customer electronic systems in thermal performance, cost, noise, weight, size or efficiency. Managing heat in electronics is a common issue, and systems today require high-reliability solutions to achieve maximum temperature differences for the application. The Triton ICE modules exceed the industry standard in cooling capacity, rate and efficiency while using the same input power. As solid-state heat pumps, they offer improved reliability. “We designed the Triton ICE product line for the industrial and medical manufacturing sectors, but the benefits can extend to all market applications that require superb cooling capability,” said Pete Townsend, director of component engineering, Marlow Industries. “Any one of these performance improvements can make the difference in whether our customers’ projects succeed or fail. We consider this to be a critical differentiator from current solutions on the market.” and customers can specify the number of spring clips they want. Designed originally for the Ohmite TEH70, TEH100 and TFH85 resistors customers using any active devices in TO-247 or TO-264 packages will benefit from this heatsink. Schneider Electric’s Cooling Solution Portfolio Brings Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability to Data Center Cooling Fujipoly Releases New Damage Resistant Thermal Gap Filler An important consideration among electronics manufacturers is the damage that can be done to a thermal gap filler pad during delicate assembly and re-work operations. To help alleviate this problem, Fujipoly has introduced the Sarcon 50G-Hm. This low resistance gap filler pad is manufactured with a special low-tac top surface. The unique, one-sided treatment is less sticky than the opposing surface allowing the thermal pad to adhere to either the target electrical component or opposing heat sink. This allows for quick and easy removal without ripping, warping or damaging the interface material. Sarcon 50G-Hm transfers heat with a thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m°K and a very low thermal resistance of 0.16°Cin2/W at 72.5 PSI. This 0.5mm thick, flame retardant TIM is available in sheets up to 300 mm by 200 mm. Schneider Electric has release two new additions to its intelligent cooling solutions portfolio designed for the data center environment. These additions include the Uniflair chilled water room air conditioners in North America and the upcoming release of the InRow RA pumped refrigerant system globally. Uniflair chilled water air conditioners have been used be data center owners and operators throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America for many years. This is the first time Schneider will be offering these air conditioners in North America. Featuring a compact footprint, efficient Electronically Commutated (EC) fans and a design that allows for easy accessibility for service, Uniflair air conditioners allow owners and operators to confidently run their data centers. The InRow RA utilizes a water-free approach to cooling the data center, mitigating the risk of leaks developing within the data center. This close coupled cooling approach is floor-mounted and features an efficient pumped refrigerant row-based system that leverages thermal containment and smart controls to fully manage the cooling of the data center. Extremely flexible with a rack independent design, the InRow RA is equipped with active response controls for monitoring and active adjustment of cooling capacity which ensures proper temperatures within the server environment are consistently maintained. Jaro’s MR-16 Coolers Utilize Aerospace FluidBearing Technology New Ohmite Heatsinks Designed for Higher Power Densities Designed for applications requiring high power densities where forced air cooling is present, Ohmite has released a larger version of their MV/MA heatsink, which provide added heat dissipation. The longer, more efficient fin extrusions on the new version give nearly twice the thermal performance as their smaller MV/MA 102 product. The MV/MA 302 heatsink is 2.2 inches across by 1.71 inches tall and uses the same installation mechanism that provides two internal spring clips for mounting up to four TO-247 or TO-264 devices. The convenient spring clips eliminate the need for mounting holes and screws, are resilient and provide the same amount of force after repeated use. The MV/MA 302 heatsink can be supplied in custom lengths 20 Jaro’s new tightly-designed MR-16 LED coolers optimize longevity and temperature with an efficient fluidbearing structure. At speeds of up to 4,200 RPM (±15 percent) these quiet DC coolers provide a chilly, yet quiet air-flow of 1.850CFM (min.: 1.573 CFM). Specifically designed for LED cooling applications, these coolers are sized at 30 mm by 30 mm by 7 mm and operate from -20°C to 90°C. Due to a balanced design, where the vibration grade = G1- ISO 1940 standard, these coolers operate with miniscule levels of detectable vibration. By avoiding mechanical friction, Jaro’s AFB bearing provides 70,000 hours of long life at 40°C. In addition, less friction also offers a virtually-silent operation. Operating at a quiet 18.6dB (max: 20.6 dB(A)), these coolers offer low-levelnoise performance. As the cooler starts to rotate, a high quality aerospace grease lubricates the chamber from the outside of the bearing, moving in. This forms a film between the shaft and bearing that reduces friction and supports the rotating speed. January/February 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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