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Hardware PEM C.A.P.S. Captive Panel Screws Offered in Three Mounting Styles PEM C.A.P.S. captive panel screws integrate a captive screw with anti cross-threading feature and a PC/ABS colored knob to provide a fastener solution where subsequent access to an assembly may be required. These spring-loaded assemblies install permanently in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as 0.036 inches and can be supplied in self-clinching, flaring or floating mounting styles. Their captive-screw design reduces parts to be handled and eliminates risk of screws falling out and damaging internal components. Knobs can be specified in standard black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet or metallic. The colors offer the capability to designate service access levels for equipment, color-reference operating and/or maintenance instructions or conform to end-use aesthetic requirements. Custom colors can be developed. PEM C.A.P.S. captive panel screws install by pressing them into properly prepared mounting holes. The shoulder on the retainer provides a positive stop. The anti cross-threading screw technology reliably corrects off-angle thread mating and ensures proper alignment. The hardware is available in multiple screw lengths with thread sizes from #4-40 through #10-32 / M3 through M5. A Phillips drive enables tool access and the robust knurled knob allows for hand operation. and can be specified with metric or imperial threads. The coding keys are supplied individually or in kits containing two mating pairs, with mounting screws and washers included. Nemesis Series Space Saver Connector Reduces Size and Weight in Wearable Soldier Systems Schroff Offers Calmark/Birtcher Line of Conduction-Cooled Keying System for Military And Ruggedized Systems ITT Corp. has developed a rugged, lightweight, no-profile interconnect system designed specifically for wearable and portable military equipment used in modern warfare. The first interconnect system of its kind, the Nemesis series Space Saver connector is a compact, lightweight solution that not only saves weight, but also helps effectively shrink the overall size of portable equipment. The Nemesis series connector system utilizes canted spring technology to provide blind mating and quick snap-on/rip-away coupling to prevent military personnel from being endangered should a cable snag. Other design considerations include the use of ribbed over-molding for secure grip under difficult conditions. Extremely rugged and with a high degree of sealing, the Nemesis series Space Saver connector is designed to withstand harsh conditions in the field and features an anti-reflective ROHS-compliant salt-spray resistant plating that is guaranteed for 500 hours. The Nemesis Series Space Saver has added EMI performance to ensure the integrity of high frequency signals, as well as pogo pin contact technology for enhanced contact durability. Its canted spring technology provides full 360 º EMI protection. Pentair Technical Products, Schroff is offering the Calmark/Birtcher line of conduction-cooled keying system for applications that require a more robust solution than conventional front-panel assemblies, such as military and ruggedized systems. The coding system ensures that PCBs are inserted into the correct slots, allowing reliable operation. Conventional keying systems solve IEEE 1101.10 specifications by providing a method for keying slots using programming keys inserted into the front panel assembly and card guide. However, many military and ruggedized systems do not use this front panel system due to space constraints. The Schroff conduction-cooled keying system solves these applications while complying with VITA 1.6. The mating halves of the Schroff coding keys are attached to the rear edge of the board and backplane of the system, allowing for a more efficient use of space. The coding keys are fully compliant with the VITA 1.6 standard, which defines a keying system for VME64x boards and backplanes in an IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled environment. In addition, the devices can be used successfully in IEEE 1101.10 non-conductioncooled applications where there is no front panel. Offered in six different configurations per coding bracket set, the coding keys offer the versatility needed to solve a broad variety of application requirements. A total of 36 configurations are available in a 6U conduction cooled application, and up to 1,296 keying combinations in a 6U non-conduction cooled application. Coding keys feature a choice of gold or clear chemical film finish 26 Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems Introduces Rugged Power and Control Module Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems has released a new rugged power and control module (PCM) board that provides control and bridging to a system host via Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), USB, RS-232 and CANbus. This system monitor board’s onboard software and logic can be programmed to autonomously manage a computing enclosure or platform. The PCM can serve as a PMBus chassis management system to control fan controller boards (FCBs) and intelligent power supplies. This module speeds and simplifies the integration of system monitor software and hardware communications into rugged, embedded electronics systems. Available for both conductioncooled and air-cooled applications, these products are available for integration into Curtiss-Wright Controls chassis level solutions. The PCM is designed to monitor and control numerous chassislevel elements, including power supplies, fans, displays, front panel controls and indicators. It can also be used to interactively enable/ disable chassis payload power systems, direct external/internal connected devices, and issue controlled system resets with the communication or switch interfaces. The PCM can manage a wide array of more than 130 inputs and bridging functions. Measuring 3.050 inches wide, 1.5 inches high and 6.35 inches deep, this compact module is designed to perform over the full military operating temperature range, -40°C to 85°C, as well as meet demanding shock, vibration, humidity and other harsh military environment conditions. January/February 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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PEM C.A.P.S. Captive Panel Screws Offered in Three Mounting Styles26
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