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Editor’s Choice Raritan Releases Power IQ Software with Smart Rack Views and Quick Charts As part of Raritan’s Smart Rack initiative to help data centers improve operations and energy efficiency by adding intelligence throughout data center racks, the company has introduced Power IQ 3.1 Energy Management Software with Smart Rack Views and Quick Charts. These new features provide one-click access to key energy and operations information in a rack including power, cooling, humidity, airflow events and the ability to further drill down to detailed information on rack assets, such as PDUs, IT devices and breakers. The features in Power IQ 3.1 help data center managers obtain information on key areas such as hot spots, power load, 3-phase power balance and capacity. The Quick Charts in the Smart Rack and PDU view, for example, show trend line relationship between rack power load and temperature, and the three phases of a three-phase PDU. Power and rack environment information gathered by Power IQ is also useful to DCIM solutions, such as Raritan’s dcTrack software that provides real-time information about facilities, networks and IT in order to more efficiently place IT equipment, manage capacity and track assets. Power IQ and dcTrack automatically share information about racks, PDUs and outlets. When a rack is added in dcTrack, for example, it automatically updates Power IQ. Conversely, dcTrack displays rack PDU and sensor data collected by Power IQ. Synchronization of data between Power IQ and dcTrack is automatic on configuration items, such as sites, racks, IT devices, PDUs and their associations. functions of their data centers. StruxureWare Operations 7.0 offers an easily deployable solution to relieve these pain points by introducing a scalable platform that promotes business growth while maintaining a real-time presence in the data center. Performing duties such as alarming, data collection, planning, optimizing and analytics, StruxureWare Operations 7.0 is able to provide reporting on any aspect of the data center physical infrastructure. StruxureWare Operations 7.0 enhances the flexibility and scalability of the StruxureWare for Data Centers suite, with the ability to meet the needs of data centers of all sizes. This enterprise software can be deployed on both physical and virtual servers, providing the option of adding a clustering architecture to achieve high levels of availability and redundancy, while allowing for the flexibility to scale to any size data center. Other new features of StruxureWare Operations 7.0 include the functionality to drill down into any data center location globally and get detailed realtime capacity and alarm summaries for any specific location within the data center. Additionally, an instant 3D CFD airflow view of any data center design enables users to prevent and resolve thermal issues quickly and efficiently. StruxureWare Operations: Insight is a report designer that allows for customization of reports to match business needs with data integrated from any third party database or web service. The Insight module consists of a wide array of plug-in templates and scripting options allowing for customization specific to a customer’s data center. The second module, StruxureWare Operations: Vizor, provides key data center capacity parameters and utilization for power, cooling, space and network directly to Apple iPhone, iPad or Android-based smart phones. Pentair Technical Products Expands Hoffman Line of Floor-Mount Type 4 Enclosures StruxureWare Operations 7.0 Software Platform Brings 3D Airflow Analysis and Smart Phone Support to Data Center Operations Schneider Electric has introduced StruxureWare Operations 7.0, an enterprise data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software platform. StruxureWare Operations 7.0 is designed to solve complex challenges of operating enterprise data centers. The StruxureWare for Data Centers suite is a combination of Schneider Electric’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and data center facility management (DCFM) software tools. The complete suite is able to provide data gathering, monitoring, automation, and planning and implementation functionalities to enable an integrated and multifaceted view of all the mission critical physical systems of the data center. The StruxureWare Operations 7.0 platform allows c-level executives, data center managers and facility managers to have complete visibility and control over their data center’s daily operations. As challenges such as rising complexity, availability and increasing energy costs arise, customers struggle to find the correct set of tools to effectively operate and report on the various systems and 4 Pentair Technical Products has added four new 18 inch deep models to its Hoffman two-door, floormount Type 4 enclosures, bulletin number A4L3. With the addition of these models, the line includes solutions for an even wider range of applications. Featuring a UL Type 4 rating, these enclosures are well suited for use in indoor or outdoor environments where it is necessary to protect controls and instrumentation from wet, potentially corrosive environments. A4L3 enclosures utilize the Hoffman PowerGlide handle with threepoint latching for secure closure. The latching system provides sufficient compression to meet UL Type 4 requirements without the use of quarter-turn latching, offering security as well as easy and quick access. “By expanding the A4L3 line to include 18 inch deep models, Hoffman continues to serve as an industry leader in both technology and breadth of offering,” said Garrett Potvin, product manager, Pentair Technical Products. “While many alternative solutions rely on the combination of a three-point latching system and quarter-turn latches to achieve sufficient compression, the Hoffman models eliminate the quarter-turn latches, increasing ease-ofuse while maintaining the UL rating.” January/February 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Pentair Technical Products Expands Hoffman Line of Floor-Mount Type 4 Enclosures
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Tools for Custom Connector and Cable Solutions
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Emerson Network Power Introduces the DCF Optimized Rack System
Littelfuse Introduces the SP3012 Series TVS Diode Arrays for Protection of USB 3.0 Ports
Schneider Electric’s Cooling Solution Portfolio Brings Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability to Data Center Cooling
Eaton’s 9E UPS Delivers Simple Power Management for Complex IT Environments
PEM C.A.P.S. Captive Panel Screws Offered in Three Mounting Styles26
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