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Power New Circuit Breaker Type Automatic Transfer Switches and Bypass/Isolation Switches Russelectric’s new medium-voltage (5 to 15 kV) circuit breaker-type transfers switches and bypass/isolation switches are UL tested, listed and labeled under UL 1008A, making them suitable for use in emergency power systems. These switches transfer electrical loads between normal and emergency power sources through the controlled opening and closing of circuit breakers and may be configured for open or closed-transition transfer. All switch functions are controlled by Russelectric’s RPTCS programmable microprocessor-based control system. Though designed for unattended operation, switches include controls for manual operation and provide maximum protection for personnel. For either the open- or closed-transition configuration, if the primary source is lost, the control initiates an open-transition transfer to the emergency source by tripping the primary source breaker and closing the emergency source breaker. When open-transition retransfer is selected, the switch first verifies that the primary source has returned, opens the emergency source breaker, and then closes the primary source breaker. When closed-transition retransfer is selected, the switch first performs a synch check to ensure that the primary source is in synchronism with the emergency source, then parallels the two sources by closing the primary source breaker, and finally opens the emergency source breaker. The circuit breaker-type bypass/isolation switches provide all the functions of an automatic transfer switch plus the ability to bypass power from live source to load in the event the transfer switch becomes disabled. In addition, they are designed to allow isolation and de-energization of the automatic transfer breakers for maintenance, testing and repair. The operator can choose between load-break bypass and no-load-break bypass by means of a selector switch on the front of the control cubicle. well as desktop and laptop computers. The final addition to the MMS line is the MMS660S, a low-profile six-outlet wall tap. This unit provides an economical solution for adding outlets to a typical wall plug, and a slim design for cramped spaces under desks and behind entertainment centers. Newmar Introduces DC Power Distribution Panel The DST-FB panel, by Newmar offers a unique combination of circuit protection utilizing both circuit breakers and GMT fuses in a single, 2 RU rackmount assembly. It provides a DC distribution system allowing installers to assign low power loads to fuses and high power loads, up to 30 amps, to circuit breaker protected circuits. The unit features dual bus (100 A each) configuration, one bus accommodating eight plug-in circuit breakers and the second holding up to eight GMT style fuses. The front panel LEDs indicate power available per bus, as well as blown fuse and tripped/off circuit breaker condition. Tripped circuit mode also activates form C contacts providing remote alarm reporting. The panel integrates with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems, any ground reference, making the unit well suited for any power system. Stackpole Expands CSR / CSRN Series of SMD Current Sensing Resistors New Minuteman MMS Slimline Surge Suppressors Now Available Para Systems, Inc. has introduced four new MMS Slimline surge suppressor models. The Slimline series includes two wall-taps tailored for A/V and HDTV applications, as well as two compact strips suited for workstations, network peripherals, security systems and entertainment center installations. The MMS Slimline products provide protection from electrical spikes and surges that can be devastating to both expensive electronic equipment and valuable data. Highlighting the line is the MMS130RC, an ultra low-profile three-outlet wall tap which includes coax protection. These units are suited for placement behind wall-mounted HDTVs, and offer a rotating power outlet and coax connection to aid in routing wires out of sight. Two all-new strips, the MMS664S and MMS686SCT are also available. These units provide six and eight outlets, respectively, and offer an ultra-slim design that is suited for cramped media centers and workstations. The MMS686SCT also offers coax and phone/fax/network surge protection for fail-safe surge protection of electronic equipment including HDTVs, routers and modems, as 20 Stackpole Electronics, Inc. has added of the 1210 size to the CSR / CSRN series of thick film SMD current sensing chip resistors. The CSR1210 has a 0.5 watt power rating and can achieve resistance values from 0.01 ohms up to 1 ohm in tolerances as low as 1 percent. The 1210 size chip offers advantages in that the wider termination enables the part to handle more current than the 1206 size at temperatures tyically10°C to 15°C. The CSR1210 series is designed for applications where resistance values are above 10 milliohms and TCR requirements are 200 ppm and higher. This would include power management for a wide range of power supplies, small motor controls, DC to DC converters, battery management, instrumentation amplifiers, voltage regulation modules and industrial controls. ASI Releases New UL489 Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers Automation Systems Interconnect has introduced brand new UL489 hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are available in AC and DC trip curves. The hydraulic magnetic overload technology protect the circuit in both overload and short circuit, and are ROHS compliant. The NDB3-100 series of circuit breakers are screw mount, has a rated current from 1 A to 100 A, rated voltage of AC 230 V/400 V, DC 80 V, and one, two and three pole. March/April 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - March/April 2012
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Electronics Protection - March/April 2012