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Hardware PEM Fastners with Float Capability Attach Quickly and Provide Design Flexibility PEM fasteners with unique “float” capability enable easier matingthread alignment during attachment and promote design flexibility for relaxed tolerance applications. The family of floating fasteners includes captive panel screws (Types PF11MW and PF12MW) and selfclinching nuts (Types AS, AC, LAS, LAC, A4, and LA4). Floating captive panel screws (Type PF11MW with knurled cap and Type PF12MW with smooth cap) install into metal or nonmetal panels as thick as 0.63 inches /1.6 mm, enable subsequent access to an assembly and compensate for up to 0.060 inches mating hole misalignment. Patented MAThread anti-cross threading technology corrects off-angle installations, aligns components, and slides through clogged internal threads and a shoulder on the retainer portion of the fastener helps simplify installation. Thread sizes range from #4-40 through ¼-20 and M3 through M6 and available options include a scratch-proof DuraBlack finish. Floating self-clinching nuts can be specified with non-locking threads (Types AS, AC, and A4) or self-locking threads (Types LAS, LAC, and LA4). They provide permanent load-bearing threads in metal sheets as thin as 0.038 inches and permit a minimum of 0.030 inches adjustment for mating hole misalignment. The design allows the fastener’s threads to extend fully into the retainer shank to impart added strength and support in an assembly. Thread sizes range from #4-40 through ¼--28 and M3 through M6. Types A4 and LA4 fasteners specifically are designed for use in stainless steel sheets. mum flexibility for the connector. The H02 arrangement holds up to two PP180 contacts and eight auxiliaries. The H03 arrangement features up to three PP120 contacts and eight auxiliaries, while the H06 arrangement accommodates up to six PP75 contacts and eight auxiliaries. New Pisces Waterproof Connectors for Marine And Harsh Environments Intelliconnect USA, LLC has released the Pisces IP67 and IP68 waterproof connectors for harsh environments. These connectors are qualified to withstand immersion at 60 feet for four hours in their mated or unmated condition without any moisture or dust ingress. Pisces connectors also can be hermetically sealed for higher pressure environments. Pisces waterproof RF connectors are available for most coaxial/ triaxial/twinaxial waterproof connector groups. Standard models include high frequency waterproof connectors, to both commercial and MIL standards, including SMA, TNC, N, SMB and push-pull connector types. All Pisces connectors are designed to meet the requirements of US MIL-PRF-39012, MIL-STD-348 and IEC: 169-8. Waterproofing meets IP68 per IEC 60529, (NEMA 6P or better) and tested to a 20 meter water depth in an unmated condition for duration of four hours. Operating temperature range is -65°C to 165°C, corrosion (salt spray) performance is to MIL-STD-202, Method 101 and moisture resistance is to MIL-STD-202, Method 106. Caddy Cat Links Available in Multiple Colors Anderson Power Products Introduces SPEC Pak High Power Connector Anderson Power Products (APP) has introduced the SPEC Pak high power connector, APP’s latest addition to the SPEC Pak connector series of sealed power for environmental conditions. The SPEC Pak high power connector has power handling capacity from 75 to 260 amps and an IP68rated waterproof environmentally sealed shell. The SPEC Pak line’s housing design and materials create a rugged, watertight and weather-proof enclosure to protect electrical components from water, dust and other harsh environmental contaminants. The high power connector features a UL94 V-0 flammability rating and a UL 746C F1 weather-ability rating. It is compatible with industry-standard PG threaded sealing glands and has sturdy aluminum latches with lockout/tag-out capability. The SPEC Pak high power connector shell accepts 75 to 180 amp Powerpole contacts and up to eight auxiliary contacts. Powerpole contact housings are available in an array of colors, providing wire to housing color coding options and design flexibility. The combination of housings, power, ground and signal contacts offer thousands of design options for the most demanding applications. Wire sizes can accommodate a range from 24 to 3/0 AWG (0.25 to 85.0 mm²). The user configurable Powerpole insert housings offer maxi22 Caddy Cat Links, a cable support system from Erico, is now available in six colors. These painted J-Hooks can be used to more effectively blend into a building’s interior design or to identify various cable runs in applications, such as security or call centers. Caddy Cat Links offer a large family of J-Hook sizes. The full range provides a bending radius that meets TIA standards for Cat 6a and accommodates Cat 7, large-diameter optical fiber, innerduct and coax cable. The J-Hooks feature a wide base with smooth beveled edges to help reduce friction and offer less vertical compaction of cables. The system is quick to install and is compatible with a wide variety of Caddy fasteners. To support a large amount of cable, J-Hook trees can be quickly assembled on site in many size combinations without requiring special tools. CamdenBoss Launches Wire-to-Board Connectors CamdenBoss has launched two new series of wire-to-board connectors that provide solid and reliable connections at low cost. The new Minipower and Micropower connectors are priced to offer savings and direct compatibility. Both ranges offer single and double row connectors up to 24-poles with fully insulated housings. 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Electronics Protection - March/April 2012
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A Case for Safety - AC Arc Fault Circuit Interruption for PV Systems with Microinverters or AC Modules
Enclosure Design: IVC’s new Lightweight Explosion-Proof Camera Enclosure System
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Electronics Protection - March/April 2012