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Editor’s Choice AMCO Enclosures Releases the TitanEP AMCO Enclosures has released its new TitanEP enclosure for electronic packaging. The TitanEP frame features fully welded construction, delivers a certified static load rating of 5,400 lbs. and a certified dynamic load rating of 3,300 lbs. TitanEP’s scalable rack design supports accessories and options that can be configured for current design requirements and can adapt for future expansion. The robust design is certified to MIL S-901D for shock and MIL S-810E for vibration with just a few standard accessories required. TitanEP is available in heights from 12RU to 45RU, 24 inch and 29 inch rack widths and 25.5, 30 and 36 inch rack depths. Design aesthetics for the frame and doors, including a new curved door design that is available in solid, polycarbonate and vented models give the structurally significant TitanEP enclosure a contemporary look and feel. A full line of accessories is also available including cable management, power and cooling options. The enclosure is also available in 10 standard colors in a powder coat finish, and AMCO is able to match any desired color finish. president, ELMA Americas. “Adding Stantron and APW Mayville’s specialized products to the extensive offering of cabinets and enclosures, Optima EPS extends and expands our ability to safely and securely house high-availability datacenter assets and other specialty equipment regardless of the environment.” Stantron, including Pioneer Cabinets, provides specialized enclosures for audio and video equipment, cables, servers and much more for television, radio and other broadcast production. APW Mayville provides a variety of datacenter racks and enclosures including the 19-inch NexServ Cabinets. FLIR T-Series Infrared Cameras Introduce Thermal Image Enhancement Technology Optime EPS Acquires Stantrion and APW Mayville Brand Cabinets ELMA has expanded its Optima EPS operations with the acquisition of Stantron broadcast cabinets and APW Mayville datacenter cabinets. “These newest assets demonstrate Elma’s commitment to providing rock-solid infrastructure to broadcast, communications, military, datacenters and many other industries,” said Fred Ruegg, FLIR Systems has unveiled the new FLIR T420 and T440 thermal imagers. These infrared cameras launch innovative new imaging capabilities that help professionals find and capture problems more easily and with dramatically more vivid thermal images. The T420 and T440 infrared cameras feature thermal resolution at 76,800 pixels (320 by 240) for accurate diagnostics even from a distance, and the T440 features MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging. MSX adds the detail of real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images, adding sharpness, contrast and clarity. MSX instantly highlights where the problem area is for easier orientation to help customers and co-workers see what needs repairing. Other versatile imaging capabilities include scalable picture- Thousands of enclosures Hundreds of options Designed and delivered in 10 days POWER DISTRIBUTION ENCLOSURES 4 CLIMATE CONTROL POWER DISTRIBUTION June/July 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com IT INFRASTRUCTURE CLIMATE CONTROL

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Electronics Protection - June/July 2012
FLIR T-series Cameras Introduce Thermal Image Enhancement Technology
Renewable Raw Materials - The Future of Plastic Enclosures
Global Electronic Enclosure Resins and Markets
Ferrite Testing Reveals Significant Performance Variations
Packaging Solutions for Critical Electronics Protection in Challenging Environments
Fluid Submersion Technology for Green Data Center Cooling
TRTL BOT Unveils KidSafe Case for iPhone 4 and 4S
Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solution Releases New D2D ATR 3U OpenVPX Chassis
Stulz Introduces CyberRow Data Center Cooling Solution
Abbott Technologies Offers New Sealed Power Supply
New Engineered Multi-Cavity Shielding Solution
Gore Enhances Product Performance with new of Screw-in Vents
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Electronics Protection - June/July 2012