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EMI/EMC/ESD Laird Technologies Introduces Board-Level Shield ReMovl Enhancement Laird Technologies, Inc. has released its ReMovl board-level shielding product enhancement. Building off the proprietary and patented ReCovr shield design, ReMovl incorporates the ReCovr attachment mechanism applied to the pickup bridge of the BLS frame to allow for toolless detachment of the bridge after the frame is soldered to the printed circuit board. “The Laird Technologies EMI shielding engineers continue to look for improved ways to bring advanced suppression technology to PCBs while making access to board components under the shield easier,” said Allan Dukeshire, EMI Metals product manager, Laird Technologies. “Our team works diligently to identify problems in the marketplace and then develop technologies that solve these problems for our customers.” The ReMovl feature is well suited for manufacturing processes where post reflow detachment of the pickup bridge is beneficial. There are several applications that often require the bridge to be detached including inspection, rework, thermal interface material (TIM) assembly into cover and noise or vibration concerns of bridge to cover. 0.021-in.-thick (0.53-mm-thick) Condux Plus foam, for example, is 2.5 percent. This material helps maintain the electrical integrity of complex mobile and handheld designs, forming reliable electrical connections and delivering necessary conductivity whether uncompressed or fully compressed. Rogers Condux Plus foam also serves as an EM shielding material, with a shielding effectiveness (SE) over an operating frequency range of 200 MHz to 10 GHz. Condux Plus materials have been tested per IEEE-299 methods to provide a minimum SE of 60 dB, effectively reducing the power of EM fields by more than 99 percent. New Development Kit from Teseq Helps Build Personalized Pulse Networks Wago Release DIN-Rail Mount Signal Noise Filter WAGO Corp.’s DIN-rail mount 288 series signal noise filter removes disturbances from incoming power for control panels. The 288-2003 pairs a 10 A/120 VAC receptacle, common mode choke and WAGO 740 series PCB terminal blocks on a 1.75 inch wide open assembly. The 288 series eliminates placing noise filter components outside of panels at upstream power sources. Integrated in a cabinet, the unit provides EMI suppression to clean power signals for sensitive controllers or electronics such as data recorders. Employing Cage Clamp spring pressure connection technology, 740 series terminal blocks ensure reliability within 288 series’ 0°C to 40°C operation range. All terminations are maintenance-free, resisting both vibrations and current-induced thermal cycling. Teseq, Inc. now offers a development kit that allows engineers to design their own pulse networks. By using the FLX 5510 in conjunction with Teseq’s NSG 5500, EMC laboratories can design their own pulses as well as meet custom specifications including pulse impedance, peak voltage, pulse width and pulse width under load. Compatible with all NSG 5500 systems, the FLX 5510 does not require firmware or additional upgrades. Included with each FLX 5510 are two DIY 5510 submodules, one with a fully-functional example circuit as well as an empty one ready for use. By plugging the DIY submodule into the FLX 5510, users can design a pulse network that meets their particular needs. Used in conducted immunity testing, engineering investigations, quality control, fault analysis and weak-spot analysis, the FLX 5510 is designed for applications with special pulse waveform requirements. It has a pulse network peak current of 300 A, a pulse network maximum voltage of 660 V and a maximum pulse width of 30 ms. A step-by-step software wizard (1.0 Beta) is included with the FLX 5510. By using this tool, users can design their own specialized pulses, eliminating guesswork. A writeable and erasable surface allows users to mark the name of their project on the front of the unit. Mueller Electric Releases Static Discharge Grounding Cable Product Line Rogers Introduces Condux Plus Conductive Foams Rogers Corp.’s high performance foams division has introduced a problem-solving material for handheld mobile devices, Condux Plus electrically conductive foam. Even in complex handheld electronic designs, Condux Plus materials feature added electrical conductivity, consistent mechanical properties and electromagnetic (EM) shielding capabilities, allowing them to serve as reliable grounding pads for handheld devices in need of enhanced conductivity and shielding performance. Condux Plus materials, available in several different thicknesses (0.33 mm, 0.53 mm and 0.73 mm), are designed to provide consistent connectivity while also offering added mechanical stability over time and temperature. The typical compression set for 24 Mueller Electric Company, Inc. has announced the offering of static and electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding cables, designed to protect workers and associated equipment from the potential harmful efforts of static electricity and electrostatic discharge. Mueller Electric static discharge grounding cables are available in multiple lengths, in insulated and non-insulated versions, with copper or stainless steel wire construction, and with five types of end connectors, available on all cable lengths and types. Customers may choose from terminal end options, which include solid copper or steel clips, steel ground clamps and solid copper lugs in a variety of sizes. 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