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Power Geist Releases Racknet–A Power Strip Data Collection Device Geist has released a new power strip data collection device, Racknet–A. This product provides visibility to retrieve data from Geist power strips in one, centralized location, saving users from having to set up thousands of IP addresses on the production network. In addition, users save considerable space on costly network switches by plugging power strips directly into Racknet–A to centralize all data for efficient monitoring. Racknet–A has a Web-based interface that displays trends and applies data for intelligent monitoring and management. It communicates via SNMP, comes with 48 ports and supports up to one thousand devices. In addition, Racknet–A offers alarms, notifications, trending features and automatic reporting capabilities to give users all the required tools needed to run their data center more effectively. Racknet–A has the flexibility to act as a standalone system or integrate with a larger data center monitoring system via SNMP, BACnet or oBIX. sign issue, the new LVB125 device utilizes a box-like package that reduces the pressure on the device when thermal expansion of the potting material occurs. The resettable LVB125 PolySwitch device can help protect against conditions where faults may cause a rise in temperature with a slight increase in current draw. When installed on the primary side of the circuit, in proximity to potential heat-generating components the LVB125 device can help protect against damage caused by both overcurrent and overtemperature conditions with a single component. The package design of the LVB125 device allows it to operate over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 85°C). The thermally active, flame-resistant device meets UL-94 V0 standards, provides dielectric withstand characteristics and can be modified to suit customer requirements, such as package color coding. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Helps IT Managers Reap the Benefits of Virtualization Minmax Power Releases MSGWI06 Series of DC/DC Power Modules The Minmax MSGWI06 series is a 6 watt DC/DC converter in an SMD package with a footprint of 0.87 by 0.80 by 0.40 inches. The product features remote on-off and an ultra wide 4:1 input. This series is EMC compliance to EN55022 Class A emissions and EN61000 immunity standards. With an ultra wide input range and international safety approvals, these worldwide marketable power modules are well suited for space critical applications in batterypowered equipment. Single and dual outputs are available with efficiency ratings up to 83 percent. Comprehensive preventative circuitry includes a fully regulated input, operating temperature range of -40ºC to 80ºC and overload protection. The MSGW106 series AC/DC power modules use 100 percent RoHS compliant materials and are manufactured to Minmax’s ISO-9001 quality control. Eaton Corp. has released the latest version of its Intelligent Power Manager software with capabilities designed to remotely shut down a host server during a power outage within VMware vSphere high availability (HA) mode. Building on Intelligent Power Manager’s existing integration with vSphere, IT and data center managers running vSphere HA can now shut down a host server remotely when an event threatens the power to the server. It is designed to shut down the host server and all the virtual machines residing on it, protecting unsaved work and preserving data integrity. The Intelligent Power Manager software update also provides an Eaton digital signature for the Intelligent Power Manager and Intelligent Power Protector packages. The HA update is built upon Intelligent Power Manager’s existing VMware integration, which enables IT personnel to view, monitor and administer not only physical and virtual servers, but also UPSs, PDUs and other power devices, through VMware’s vCenter server platform. Emerson Network Power Increases Capacity of UPS Product Line TE Circuit Protection’s Resettable LVR Device Suitable for Harsh Environments TE Circuit Protection has made an enhancement to its PolySwitch LVR (line-voltage-rated) product line with its LVB125 device. Featuring a plastic box package, the LVB125 provides resettable circuit protection for product assemblies utilizing potting or encapsulating compounds. Historically, a resettable PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) device’s functionality was restricted when a system’s PCB was encapsulated to protect it from water, chemicals, oil, grease, dirt and other damaging elements. To overcome this de26 Emerson Network Power has added higher-capacity models to the transformer-free Liebert NX family of double conversion UPS systems with the release of the Liebert NX 225-600 kVA UPS. The UL-listed Liebert NX 225-600 kVA is available for global regions with 480 V, 60 Hz applications, including North America, Central and South America, the Philippines, Taiwan and Korea. The scalable UPS system offers mid-to–large-sized data centers a backup power solution that provides the flexibility to grow incrementally without requiring infrastructure renovations. Softscale technology allows the Liebert NX 225-600 kVA to be sized to current power requirements and scaled up to a larger capacity with a software key, which is a more reliable method than adding hardware to grow the module rating. The Liebert NX 225-600 kVA transformer-free UPS operates at high efficiency. In normal, double-conversion mode, the Liebert UPS operates at 95 percent or higher efficiency during typical 40 percent to 80 percent loading. During Intelligent Eco-mode operation, the Liebert NX 225-600 kVA UPS operates at efficiencies up to 99 percent. This high efficiency operating mode is standard on September/October 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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