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Calendar PennEngineering continued from page 9 • What configurations are available for captive panel screws? Depending on the fastener, designers can choose from Phillips/ slot combinations, Phillips only, and slot-only drives, among others. As with all the features at the designer’s disposal, the most appropriate choice will be influenced by the application. tion is to enlist a supplier’s support and resources in the early stages of the design process. Even after a fastener is selected and specified, new assembly challenges or changes in end-product design may occur and a partnership cultivated at the outset can keep the door open to invaluable experience and assistance. Choices will become even more clear and the application will benefit in the long run. LillyAnna Penn is global product manager-Assembled Products for PennEngineering. For more information visit www.pemnet.com or email LillyAnna directly at LPenn@pemnet.com. Key Driver: Cost Issues Some applications may require a low-cost panel fastener design and, if this will be the case, designers have several options in their toolbox of technologies. As an example, while the vast majority of panel fasteners with captive screws have been engineered as spring-loaded assemblies, patented types without springs have been introduced offering relatively lower-cost design solutions. As a lower-cost alternative to multi-component fastener assemblies, the patented spinning clinch bolt with one-piece captive screw can provide a practical solution. These fasteners for metal panels benefit from controlled clinching action during installation, which captivates the screw permanently while allowing it to spin freely in the host metal sheet. They provide a reliable means of attachment without use of a retainer or washer (contributing to lower manufacturing costs) and can be supplied with an unthreaded neck for axial float or with a jacking feature or spring for selfretracting. As with some other types, these will be appropriate for close centerline-to-edge applications. The universe of possibilities when specifying captive panel screws continues to expand with new innovations and variations on themes. With all the choices and options, our recommenda- Calendar of Events September 2012 9-13, IMAPS 2012, San Diego, Calif. Contact www.imaps.org 9-14, EOS/ESD Symposium 2012, Tucson, Az. Contact www.esda.org 17-20, ESC Boston, Boston, Ma. Contact www.esc.eetimes.com 18-19, Advancements in Thermal Management 2012, Denver Co. Contact www.thermalnews.com 18-19, Battery Power 2012, Denver, Co. Contact www.batterypoweronline.com 18-19, Remote Monitoring & Control 2012, Denver, Co. Contact www.RemoteExpo.com 18-19, Mobile Antenna Systems 2012, Denver, Co. Contact www.antennasonline.com 24-27, Military Standard 810G Testing Training, Cincinnati, OH. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 25, U.S. Data Center Power & Cooling Efficiency Seminar: 2012, Philadelphia, PA Contact www.chatsworth.com October 2012 1-5, Finepoint’s 19th Annual Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Training Conference, Pittsburgh, Penn. Contact www.circuitbreakerconference.com November 2012 2-4, Seismic Protection of Critical Equipment, Reno, NV. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 29-31, Fundamentals of Random Shock and Vibration Testing, Detriot, Mich. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com November 2012 5-8, Military Standard 810G Testing Training, Long Island, Ny. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 6-8, Seismic Protection of Critical Equipment, Dallas, Texas, Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 14-15, OSP Expo, Denver, Co. Contact www.ospmag.com 30 September/October 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.pemnet.com http://www.imaps.org http://www.esda.org http://www.esc.eetimes.com http://www.thermalnews.com http://www.batterypoweronline.com http://www.RemoteExpo.com http://www.equipmentprotectionmagazine.com/ep_qc/q-order-ep.htm http://www.antennasonline.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.chatsworth.com http://www.circuitbreakerconference.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.ospmag.com http://www.equipmentprotectionmagazine.com/ep_qc/q-order-ep.htm http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Electronics Protection - September/October 2012

Electronics Protection - September/October 2012
Table of Contents
HP Intelligent Series Racks Offer Monitoring Capabilities for Data Centers
The Unknown Problem with Airtight Enclosures
Key Drivers When Turning to Captive Panel Screws
Emerging Trends in Field Equipment Enclosures
JV Industrial Solves Power Outage Issues with Battery-Free Flywheel
The Green Data Center Opportunity
The Power-Grid and Protecting Electronic Devices
Maximizing Availability, Capacity and Efficiency with Rising Data Center Temperatures
Canyonwest Cases Releases new Enclosures for Flat-Screen TV Transportation
Ohmite Manufacturing Releases Radial-Fin Heat Sink Extrusions
Rogers Introduces Condux Plus Conductive Foams
FIP Gasketing Resin Offers Advantages over Gasketing Materials
Minmax Power Releases MSGWI06 Series of DC/DC Power Modules
New E-Line Locking Systems Reduce Security Costs and Enhance Locking Solutions
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Electronics Protection - September/October 2012