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Enclosures Schroff NovaStar Cabinet Offers Protection for Rack-Mounted Electronics and Instruments Pentair Technical Product’s Schroff brand has introduced the NovaStar 19-inch aluminum cabinet platform, offering 46 standard models to accommodate virtually any configuration for rack-mounted electronics and instruments with offthe-shelf convenience. The NovaStar offers two case loads, slim line and heavy duty, to support load capacities of 200 kg and 400 kg. The platform is available in heights from 16U to 47U and offered in a complete range of sizes. Plus, with tool-free assembly, quick-connect fastening system, multiple mounting options and design features. Cabinets can also be custom configured to meet unique specifications, easily and cost-effectively. For mounting options the enclosure features an integral square hole (0.375 by 0.375 inches) universal mounting pattern on front and rear uprights to accommodate standard 19 inch mounted equipment. Additional features include 180° door hinge with a choice of glass or perforated steel doors, grounding cables and connections on all tops, sides, doors and bases, equipment supports on the side panels and Ingress protection to IP 20, EIA 310-D. Pixus also offers VME64x chassis in 1U and 4U SlimBox versions, as well as vertical-mount enclosures in 4U, 7U, 8U, 9U and larger heights. The company has a range of VME64x backplane slot sizes in 6U, 6.5U for increased power and 9U monolithic versions. VME, CompactPCI and OpenVPX backplanes are available as well. Bud Industries Introduces Wall Mount Cabinet ECS Launches New Product Line ECS has launched a new product line offering large scale composite fiberglass containers. The product line, called VIP (vacuum infusion process), will allow the company to produce containers that can house very large pieces of equipment for storage and shipping. The process, specifically known as vacuum resin infusion, is a technique used to manufacture void free composites and is especially suitable for large or complicated molds. While the vacuum infusion process has been around for some time, ECS engineers have taken the technology and created a new method that provides the added protection for oversize and sensitive equipment. Bud Industries has introduced a Wall Mount Network cabinet with a narrow profile and a variety of value-added features for EIA 310Dcompliant storage of 19 inch rack-mount equipment. This wall mount cabinet has a space-saving design that is well suited for housing network equipment such as patch panels and other small electronics in areas having limited space. This enclosure is available in two sizes: 23 by 6 inches or 23 inches by 12 inches. Constructed of durable 16 gage steel, this cabinet rack has a tempered glass front door that enables technicians to observe indicator lights without opening the cabinet. The door can be hinged left or right, depending on the needs of the installation, and it includes a key lock that protects equipment from tampering and ventilation slots that help keep equipment cool. To simplify cable installation, this network cabinet features a readily removable gland plate in the top and bottom. The cabinet is furnished completely assembled and has four mounting slots on the back for rapid wall mounting. L-com Adds New Sizes to Its Non-Powered Weatherproof Industrial Enclosures Line New 2U VME64x Enclosures in SlimBox Format Pixus Technologies has released a 2U VME64x enclosure in the SlimBox style, allowing up to four slots. The backplane comes with pluggable 47-pin PSU connectors in one monolithic 9U-long horizontal mount backplane. The 2U VME64x SlimBox features integrated ESD and EMC protection in a rugged enclosure. The chassis are 2U high by 19 inches wide by 300 mm depth and have optional rear I/O. Hot swappable AC or DC power supplies to 250 W are standard. Other power options are also available. Pixus Technologies’ 9U monolithic VME64x backplanes come with active or passive termination and provisions for one or two 47-pin PSU connectors. A header is provided for system management options with SYSReset, SysFail, ACFail_PS and Ground signals. The backplane also has provisions to work with Pixus’ mini alarm cards. 18 L-com, Inc. has added three new sized weatherproof industrial enclosures with and without mounting plates to supplement its weatherproof enclosures. Sizes are 8 by 6 by 4 inch, 10 by 8 by 5 inch and 16 by 14 by 6 inch enclosures. The options feature either a blank aluminum mounting plate, a blank non-metallic Starboard mounting plate or no mounting plate included. The mounting plates can be custom drilled on-location to suit the equipment that is stored within the boxes. L-com’s non-powered industrial enclosures are popular for their many size options and range of applications that they can be used in. All of them are designed to be installed to hold sensitive equipment in locations where weather, impact or security are issues. Without the power outlets that are featured in L-com’s 240 V AC powered enclosures and 120 V AC powered enclosures, the non-powered enclosures can offer more room for equipment that does not need AC power or that can accept direct Power over Ethernet. November/December 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012
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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012