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Hardware Chatsworth Products Increases Surface Area on Cable Pathways by 400 Percent Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) has increased surface contact area for network cables by 400 percent with the introduction of OnTrac Shaped Wire Mesh Tray. This increase in surface area allows OnTrac Shaped Tray to create point-to-point cable pathways in data centers and network equipment rooms that are suited for supporting high performance and high density cabling. Replacing the traditional round cross wires used on most wire mesh trays with flattened cross wires, Shaped Tray is able to reduce pressure and strain by 68 percent for cables that come in contact with the tray. This simple change allows Shaped Tray to increase cable support and contact area, while still implementing the same installation techniques, splices, supports and accessories as CPI’s Standard Wire Mesh Tray, making it easy to adopt and use. Shaped Tray has also been engineered for compatibility with data centers, office spaces and other facilities working toward LEED certification. Not only is Shaped Tray made from 100 percent recycled steel, choosing tray with a pre-galvanized finish eliminates environmental concerns about post production chemical cleaning and plating, as well as application concerns about zinc whiskers. and lifting it off. Further security can be achieved when used along with a single threaded standoff. PEM Snap-Top (Types SSA, SSS and SSC) aluminum, steel and stainless steel standoffs clinch into metal sheets and Type KSSB brass standoffs broach into PC boards. They employ a spring action to hold boards and panels securely, while allowing for their quick attachment and removal using a simple snap-on/snap-off operation. All install permanently in sheets or panels as thin as 0.040 inches/1 mm by squeezing them into a properly sized hole using a PEMSERTER or any standard press. Upon installation, the fasteners become integral parts of the assembly. Southco’s Integrated Electronic Locking Swinghandle Accepts HID Proximity Cards New Deutsch DRCP Electrical Connectors LADD Industries has added the new DRCP series electrical connectors to the Deutsch product line. Deutsch industrial connectors are specifically designed for critical applications in harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain can contaminate or damage electrical connections. DRCP series connectors are constructed of thermoplastic and feature high pin densities with 86 and 126-cavity arrangements. Offered with bulkhead and printed circuit board mounting options, the 86-cavity arrangement accepts 80 size 20 contacts and 6 size 12 contacts. The 126-cavity arrangement is a printed circuit board mounted connector that accepts 120 size 20 contacts and 6 size 12 contacts. DRCP Series connectors include integrated TPAs, ensuring proper contact alignment and ease of assembly. Southco has launched its H3-EM electronic locking swinghandle with integrated proximity reader, which includes the same intelligent electronic locking and monitoring features as the original H3-EM, but also accepts HID 125 kHz proximity cards or tags and produces a standard 26 bit Wiegand output. This integrated swinghandle can be combined with any new or existing Wiegand-based access control system to add additional keyless entry points to active security systems, and it incorporates existing operator credentials. The H3-EM features a single-hole panel preparation, making it compatible with industry-standard enclosures for OEM integration or field retrofits. When connected to an access control system, the H3-EM with integrated proximity reader also enables the user to easily track and record access to the electronic locks, providing an audit trail to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley. L-com’s Metal Armored USB Cables Resist Up To 1,500 PSI Crushes and Impacts PEM Keyhole and Snap-Top Fasteners Mount PC Boards without Tools or Loose Hardware PEM unthreaded Keyhole and Snap-Top standoff fasteners provide solutions to mount and detach PC boards, panels or components without requiring tools or additional hardware. Both families of fasteners are designed to provide secure and reliable attachment, reduce or eliminate risks associated with loose hardware potentially damaging internal circuitry, and ultimately enable screwless designs of subassemblies. Pem Keyhole (Type SKC) stainless steel self-clinching standoffs allow for a PC board or panel to be slipped into place and then removed from an assembly by sliding the board sideways 26 L-com, Inc. has released two USB 2.0 cable assembly lines with metal armor around the cables. The Type A male to Type A male and Type A male to Type B male cables boast a crush resistance of 1,500 PSI. L-com’s USB cabling offering has long included many unique products such as latching USB cables, high flex USB cables, right angle USB cables and waterproof USB cables. These armored USB cables are needed for many applications including military/ aerospace, security, medical facility and industrial environment applications. The armored USB cables are expected to be stocked in seven different length options. November/December 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012
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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012