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Industry News DatacenterDynamics 2012 Census Results Now Available Dirak Joins Microsoft Partner Solutions Center With more than 5,000 respondents from around the globe, the 2012 Data Center Industry Census is the largest global market intelligence study every undertaken. Building on the data from its 2011 predecessor and conducted by DatacenterDynamics Intelligence (DCDi), the analysis is underway and the suite of reports, granular down to individual country level is now available. To maximize the responses to the survey, DCDi undertook two new strategies, increasing the incentivization of respondents by donating $5 to children’s charity UNICEF up from $2.50 the previous year, and by engaging DataCentrePR to promote the survey globally in multiple languages through print and online media coverage in addition to DCDi’s 200,000 database of key data center professionals. Were these strategies successful? “Undoubtedly,” said DCDi managing director Nicola Hayes. “Using online analytics we know that ten percent of our survey respondents came directly from Turtle’s DataCentrePR campaign, possibly double that when print coverage is added in. DCDi’s donation to UNICEF of $40,000 was up from $15,000 in 2011.” The 2012 Data Center Industry Census provides the industry with the most comprehensive and the most statistically rigorous insight into the data center marketplace. It is supported this year by Siemens, Cummins and BCS the chartered institute for IT. The 2012 census, which covers growth and trends, energy and monitoring, market profiles, cloud, investment and new technologies, will be available as a suite of standard reports in eight languages in addition to bespoke analysis to allow deeper delving into specific data for DCDi clients. Direk has joined with Microsoft Partner Solution Center (MPSC). As an MPSC partner, Dirak has increased access to Microsoft product teams, data centers and state-of-the-art laboratories. Within the labs are dedicated areas in which fully functional E-Line by Dirak systems are installed on 19 inch rack enclosures. “We are pleased to welcome Direk to the MPSC,” said David Hayes, senior director, Microsoft Partner Solutions Center. “Our objective here at the MPSC is to showcase next generation leading technologies. E-Line incorporates both innovative design and software to provide effective security solutions for challenges companies face in protecting valuable information stored in datacenter locations.” This partnership allows both Microsoft and Dirak to demonstrate to their customers and partners a fully functional E-Line system. E-Line is a mechatronic security system for data and server racks and other enclosures that house sensitive materials, electronics and data. Visitors to the lab can see, first-hand, how E-Line can control access to individual racks and enclosures, monitor when individuals are allowed access and create an audit trail. Raytheon Provides Laptops to the Motorcycle Fleet of LA County Sheriff’s Department IPC Market Data Update Report Shows Early Signs of Recovery for North American Electronics Supply Chain Year-on-year sales growth across the global electronics supply chain was mixed in the second quarter of 2012, but is now moving in a positive direction, according to IPC’s quarterly report, Electronics Industries Market Data Update. The summer 2012 edition reports the latest global and regional developments in the economy and the electronics industry, including select findings from IPC’s industry statistical programs and leading indicators. According to the report, reduced growth forecasts from China and continued worries about Greece reinforced concern about a global economic slowdown. Although domestic growth in China is showing resilience, exports remained sluggish in the second quarter due to the slow recovery in the US and contracting economy in Europe. Leading indicators in North America show signs of stalled growth in the economy in the second quarter, but point to a resumption of modest growth in the second half of 2012. Year-over-year PCB and semiconductor sales growth rates in North America remained negative in the second quarter of 2012, while EMS, wet chemistry and solder were positive, showing signs of recovery. The North American PCB book-to-bill ratio remained above parity in the second quarter. At the global level, sales growth in the electronics supply chain slowed its downward trend. The downward headwind afflicting the global economy appears to be spilling into the electronics manufacturing sector, slowing the industry’s earlier rebound. Second quarter indicators and the first July 2012 numbers available for North America predict slow growth for the next quarter. Raytheon Company has begun equipping the motorcycle fleet of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) with computers that provide a new level of public safety and efficiency capabilities. Approximately 100 motorcycles will carry the new, lightweight computers in saddle bags by the fall. Historically, motorcycle deputies have had to rely solely on voice communication. Now, they can access data on computers, enabling license plate checks, wanted persons inquiries and access to other law enforcement information. The goal is to enhance efficiency and provide the deputies with capabilities they’ve lacked in the past, to better serve their communities. “These laptops were the foundation needed to make our motorcycle deputies more efficient,” said Capt. Scott Edson of the LASD. “Traffic enforcement reduces collisions and saves lives. These laptops make possible new technologies, like electronic citations, which will shorten the time it takes to issue a citation and provide more time for deputies to better serve the public. An added benefit is reduced voice radio traffic, a critical lifeline for all law enforcement officers.” Littelfuse Named a Finalist for 11th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards Littelfuse, Inc. is a finalist for the 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards. The company was recognized for its line of thermallyprotected metal oxide varistors (TMOV). Nearly 400 nominations were received from a cross-section of the business community in Chicago and the surrounding region. “Our TMOV25S/TMOV34S products are designed to meet customer needs for reduced cost and thermal sensing that is faster and more efficient,” said said Deepak Nayar, vice president and general manager, Littelfuse Electronics Business Unit. “They also save space on printed circuit boards, which is critical for today’s electronic product manufacturers. Littelfuse TMOV products are used to protect sensitive circuits in a variety of circuit protection applications including LED lighting and solar power.” The Chicago Innovation Awards, celebrating its 11th year, is the only organization in the country dedicated to honoring the most innovative new products or services brought to market or to public service from a specific region. 28 November/December 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012
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