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Industry News Innovolt Forms Relationship with Katun Corp. Innovolt, Inc. has formed a strategic relationship with Katun Corp. This relationship extends Innovolt’s technology in the consumer electronics market as well as new geographic areas. Innovolt will be providing technology solutions through Katun in Latin America. Additionally, Innovolt has solidified its presence in Canada, working with Genuine Supply Source (GSS).. In an ever competitive market with margins constantly under pressure, for example office equipment dealers can’t afford down time and unnecessary service calls due to power disturbances. Distributors in the industry, including Katun and GSS, have collaborated with Innovolt to supply products that provide increased protection from power grid disturbances. “As the office equipment industry continues to evolve, Katun remains committed to providing our customers with the key products and services that make them more efficient and profitable. Down time, as everyone would agree, is not profitable. Since forming a relationship with Innovolt, our customers have experienced less equipment down time due to Innovolt’s power protection technology,” said Carlyle Singer, Katun CEO and resident. The current testing outlined in the International Standard IEC60529 only evaluates the performance of acoustic vents after the device is completely designed and assembled. While developing audio devices, engineers often want to evaluate the performance of different materials and housing designs to determine what combination is best for their specific applications. Two of Gore’s protocols address this issue, the first evaluates a material’s ability to capture particles of different sizes at different airflow rates, and the second categorizes spray-resistant materials consistently. In addition, some of the specifications in the IEC60529 standard’s IPx4 protocol for splash protection can be broadly interpreted, which results in inconsistent test results. Gore’s third protocol defines specific parameters within the standard’s showerhead protocol to ensure consistent results, parameters including the showerhead’s position and movement, the distance between the test sample and showerhead, and the criteria for passing the test. Finally, Gore developed a protocol for shallow immersion because the IEC60529’s IPx7 specifications did not address situations common to portable devices, such as being dropped into a shallow puddle or basin briefly. Gore’s protocol requires that the device be dropped a distance of 25 inches into three inches of water and removed after five seconds. New Protocols Improve Consistency in Materials Testing for Portable Electronics W. L. Gore & Associates has developed testing protocols that improve reliability of acoustic vents used for water and particulate protection in portable electronic devices. These protocols more effectively match the environmental conditions to which the venting materials are exposed, which results in consistent testing results. Submit Your Company News to Electronics Protection Magazine Send all industry and company news to: Nick Depperschmidt at nickd@infowebcom.com Calendar of Events November 2012 2-4, Seismic Protection of Critical Equipment, Reno, NV. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 29-31, Fundamentals of Random Shock and Vibration Testing, Detriot, Mich. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 5-8, Military Standard 810G Testing Training, Long Island, Ny. Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 6-8, Seismic Protection of Critical Equipment, Dallas, Texas, Contact www.equipment-reliability.com 14-15, OSP Expo, Denver, Co. Contact www.ospmag.com 14-15, Fabtech 2012, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact www.fabtechexpo.com 27-28, Server Design Summit, Santa Clara, Calif. Contact www.serverdesignsummit.com December 2012 5-7, Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC), Singapore, Contact www.eptc-ieee.net 30 November/December 2012 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.eponlinebuyersguide.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.equipment-reliability.com http://www.ospmag.com http://www.fabtechexpo.com http://www.serverdesignsummit.com http://www.eptc-ieee.net http://www.eponlinebuyersguide.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012
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Electronics Protection - November/December 2012