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Enclosures Pixus Technologies Releases High-CFM 1U SlimBox Chassis Pixus Technologies has released a new version of its SlimBox line of enclosures to address advanced cooling requirements. As high speed (and high heat) chipsets are designed onto the latest CompactPCI, OpenVPX and other boards, the requirement for additional enclosure cooling continues to grow. Pixus Technologies’ HighCFM SlimBox line combines the desired performance density of a horizontal-mount enclosure with an advanced cooling solution. The High-CFM 1U SlimBox is a 19 inch rackmount or desktop enclosure that holds a 2-slot 0.8 inch pitch CompactPCI, VME/ VME64x, OpenVPX or custom backplane mounted horizontally. The enclosure features a push-pull cooling configuration with seven fans for a total of over 115 CFM of airflow. The fans come in separately removable fan trays, allowing ease of replacement/ swapping. Careful design analysis was instituted to confirm that the chassis maintains reasonable acoustic noise levels and that static pressure did not affect performance. The SlimBox line features a range of power supply options in pluggable, fixed, N+1 or redundant power configuration options, depending on the chassis size. Alarm cards or other system/voltage monitoring devices are also available. Other options include a 4-pin header on the backplane for Tach Signals and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). The Tach/PWM option allows the fans to speed up or slow down to optimize the cooling and power utilization. Tekam enclosures are available in a range of standard sizes with external dimensions from 2.75 by 2.36 by 1.22 inches to 6.89 by 4.17 by 1.81 inches. Two standard colors are offered off-white, RAL 9002 or black, RAL 9004. Polycase Releases Hinged NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosure with All-Plastic Double Latch Design Polycase has introduced the WH series of hinged NEMA 4X electrical enclosures. The WH series is designed to meet NEMA 1, 2, 4 and 4X specifications and IP66 of IEC529 requirements. The hinged cover allows for access to internal components and the gasketed design makes the enclosures well suited for use in a range of adverse conditions such as wet, dirty and/or corrosive environments. The outdoor use enclosures are UL508-4x listed. All versions of the WH series enclosures consist of an all-plastic double latch design, molded-in padlocking feature and include a stainless steel surface-mounting flange kit. The WH series is well suited for applications in network communications, alternative energy, factory automation, electrical controls, or anywhere electrical and electronic components require protection from the elements. Priced at $5.94 per enclosure, there are currently five sizes of the enclosures available. Ranging from 5.11 by 3.93 by 2.75 inches to 11.81 by 7.87 by 6.29 inches, there are three versions offered for each size. These include gray ABS plastic for indoor use, gray PC/ PBT blended plastic enclosure for outdoor use and Gray PC/PBT blended plastic base with a clear PC cover for outdoor use. New IP 65 Extruded Aluminum Enclosures From Teko Adalet Offers Explosion Proof Enclosures Constructed from Stainless Steel Teko has extended its Tekam range of extruded aluminum enclosures with IP 65 rated models. To achieve this higher protection class the company has added a range of optional sealing gaskets that are molded in six different colors. The optional colors also allow color coding and branding. The ‘TEKAM’ enclosures are modern and robust, and are designed for fast installation of the electronics. The all aluminum design allows good levels of RFI/EMI protection to be implemented. Typical applications will include hand held test and measurement devices, RF equipment, wall mounted monitoring systems and security devices. Each enclosure consists of an extruded case body with two diecast end panels which are assembled by four or eight self-tapping screws. The case extrusion includes a series of internal guide rails for mounting slide-in PCBs. Customers can specify the enclosures with flat end panels for hand held or portable use, or end panels with integrated wall mounting flanges. The sealing gaskets are used to seal the case extrusion and end panels. Recessed areas on both sides of the case extrusion, and on the front face of the end panels, can be used for mounting membrane keypads or product labels. The end panels with wall mounting ears include two pre-drilled fixing holes for fitting to a wall or mounting surface. The end panels can also be used for mounting RF antennas. 12 Adalet offers Division 1/Zone 1 explosion proof enclosures constructed from stainless steel 316L. Designed for use in highly corrosive areas, the cast stainless steel explosion proof enclosures provide construction material for offshore, petrochem or volatile industrial areas where environmental conditions require additional corrosion protection. The XCESX series of cast stainless steel explosion proof enclosures provide an alternative to traditional cast aluminum explosion proof enclosures, which may become compromised or could break down over time in highly corrosive areas. Rated for Class I, Division 1/Zone 1 hazardous locations, the XCESX enclosure series carries UL, cUL, ATEX and IECEx approvals for global applications. Five standard sizes make up the initial offering from internal dimensions of 10 by 14 by 8 inches up to 24 by 36 by 10 inches. Features include a watertight gasket and stainless steel cover bolts for Type 4X/IP66 ratings, stainless steel hinge kit, mounting panel, removable lifting eye bolts, cover alignment device, cast-on mounting lugs and internal/external ground screws. A flat plate cover allows for additional working area for viewing windows and operating devices such as pushbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights. January/February 2013 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013
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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013