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Thermal The Liebert iCOM controls on Liebert cooling units communicate with each other via Ethernet to coordinate cooling capacity, zoned air flow distribution, failover protection and different modes of standby operation. Units connected in a unit-to-unit network and set to operate in optimized aisle control mode can utilize a teamwork mode to share sensory data and provide coordinated cooling and humidity control among cooling units. While in teamwork mode, the supply sensor uses the cooling and airflow required to maintain the discharge temperature at each unit. This compensates for unbalanced room load while maintaining a consistent discharge air temperature. The fan speed adjusts to the findings of the remote rack sensors, providing controlled delivery of the air to the cold aisle. This distribution is achieved by synchronizing all fans, within a designated zone, which will also provide IT managers with the greatest energy efficiency. New Thermally Conductive Thin Film Sarcon 30HR from Fujipoly is a silicone-based thin film that exhibits a 1.7 W/m°K thermal conductivity when placed between a heat source such as a high-performance semiconductor and a nearby heat sink. This conformable thermal interface medium effectively eliminates air gaps that exist between components. The increased surface contact can measurably improve the cooling performance of a heat sink. Sarcon 30HR has a thermal resistance of0 .42 °Cin2/W and is recommended for applications with operational temperatures that range from -60°C to 180°C. The V-0 flame-retardant thin film is available in roll widths up to 85 mm. CoolitDC v.6.00 Boosts Modeling Accuracy Daat Research Corp. has introduced new enhancements for CoolitDC, its CFD software for data center design. The new features boost speed and accuracy. CoolitDC v.6.00 implements a relative humidity option and adds user interface tools that make easier to navigate menus, and accelerate model building and data entry. Also, Daat has enriched Coolplot, the software’s graphics post processor. Users will experience improvements in flow visualization, will have faster access to the most frequently used animation controls and can tap an expanded tool set for solution animation. Ohmite Manufacturing Extends C Series Ohmite Manufacturing Company has announced that the Ohmite C series heat sink now supports most resistor package sizes from TO-126 to TO-264. Designed for high power density and small size (1U or 2U) electronic packaging with forced convection cooling, this heat sink provides tool and fixture free assembly operation, large surface area, and small space occupation. Ohmite’s C series heat sink features modified clips to attach smaller devices (TO-126), as well as additional fins for improved cooling. The standard product is offered in two finishes, degreased and black anodized. Customers can customize this heat sink with longer lengths and additional clips to secure multiple devices. Battery Power 2013, an international conference highlighting the latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, will be held June 6-7 in Denver, Colorado. This 11th annual event will feature presentations on portable, mobile, consumer battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development, serving the consumer electronic, medical and military industries. Topics will include new battery designs, emerging technologies, battery materials, power management, charging and testing systems, affecting the industry. battery health, as well as the latest market trends a The conference is designed for OEM design engineers and system engineers involved in battery powered products and systems and power management technology, as well as battery pack and cell manufacturers. If you are involved in the battery industry or if your products and systems run on batteries, this is a must attend event. Presentations: Contact Shannon Given at shannong@infowebcom.com Exhibits & Sponsorships: Contact Jeremy Fleming at jeremyf@infowebcom.com www.BatteryPowerOnline.com/conferences January/February 2013 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com 19 http://www.BatteryPowerOnline.com/conferences http://www.BatteryPowerOnline.com/conferences http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013
CPI’s eConnect PDUs Integrate Thermal Management with Intelligent Power Solutions
Five Powerful Virtualization Challenges
How Do You Choose Between Hot and Cold Aisle Containment?
Choosing the Right UPS Deployment Architecture for your Data Center
Adalet Offers Explosion Proof Enclosures Constructed from Stainless Steel
AVX’S MLC Capacitor Series Provides Protection Against ESD Strikes
Electrorack Launches Contain-IT Aisle Containment Solution
CoolitDC v.6.00 Boosts Modeling Accuracy and Ease-of-Use
Tru-Block Failure-Free Surge Protection Products Introduced
TE Connectivity’s 2Pro AC Devices Deliver Enhanced Protection in A Single Component
Gore Protective Vent Improves Reliability of Electronic Displays
USB Panel-Mount PCB Connectors Added to L-com Lineup
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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013