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Connectors Cost-Effective Board-Level Connector Fujipoly’s Zebra 2004 Elastomeric connector provides 140 electrical connections per inch when positioned between a circuit board and a parallel electronic device such as an LCD display. This construction makes the connector well suited for devices with contact spacing as low as 0.020 inches (0.50mm). The interconnect device is made from alternating layers of conductive carbon-filled and non-conductive silicone. It is capable of delivering a current carrying capacity of 50 mA per 0.040 inches by 0.040 inch pad and can be specified in custom lengths up to 9 inches (230 mm). To accommodate as many applications as possible, the connector is available in any width from 0.015 inches (0.38 mm) to 0.118” inches (3.0 mm) and has an operational temperature range of -40°C to 100°C. system termination. These external AirMax VS cable assemblies feature die-cast covers that include added guiding and EMI shielding performance. The EMI terminates to both metal cable covers and hardware chassis. A plastic snakeskin outside jacket allows for tighter bend radius capability and easier cable routing than conventional jacketed cables. ERNI’s MicroStac Mezzanine Connector Delivers Design Flexibility in a Compact Size USB Panel-Mount PCB Connectors Added to L-com Lineup L-com, Inc. has added panel-mount USB connectors with PCB solder tails. The connectors, which come in either USB 2.0 Type A Female or USB 2.0 Type B Female, are being sold in packages of 10. PCB connectors normally just rest on the board and can’t be locked down. L-com’s design allows an permanent method to provide stability by adding two flanges to the USB connectors. The connectors mount with standard 4-40 screws and use 30 microinch gold plated contacts to insure many mating cycles. FCI’s AirMax VS Features Shield-less Design to Deliver Data Rates Up to 10Gb/s FCI has developed the AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly that utilizes a shield-less connector design to deliver added signal integrity (SI) performance and data rates of up to 10 Gb/s. The AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assembly design features an optimized air dielectric between adjacent conductors to simplify the grounding structure while reducing cost and weight. The AirMax VS high-speed internal cable assemblies support the Infiniband QDR data rate and other industry standard parameters and are designed for data communications applications where efficient high-speed data transfer is required. Right angle and vertical mating board headers with passive latch retention make the AirMax VS well suited for internal high density cabling for high-speed signaling, replacing typical backplane systems with this all-in-one cable assembly solution. These 26 AWG internal cables are constructed using four differential pair per column base configurations in both eight and 10-column counts. External cable assembly solutions can be configured using the same four-pair per column base configuration and integrating customer defined requirements related to cable retention and EMI 26 ERNI has developed a mezzanine connector with a hermaphroditic design that combines male and female connector halves into one solution to reduce inventory cost. The MicroStac connector’s contact design incorporates two points of contact for high reliability in applications where shock and vibration are encountered. As a result of the secure and robust mating interface, the MicroStac mezzanine connector can handle up to 1.6 Amp per contact. Available in a 5 mm stack height, the MicroStac mezzanine connector offers a high mis-mating tolerance of up to 0.7 mm of sideto-side ‘float’ and ± 4° of angular misalignment between the two connector halves and their respective printed circuit boards. This latitude allows multiple connectors to be placed between boards without concern of misalignment due to tolerance stack-up. This also provides design engineers with flexibility to place the connectors where needed for the most efficient PCB routing. The contact design provides up to 1.5 mm of wipe length, for use in applications requiring up to 6 mm stack height. Guides molded into the connector body improve ease of mating. For error-free, board placement and processing, the MicroStac connector’s body incorporates an integrated vacuum pickup point, as well as board locating pegs. Tape and reel packaging further enhances high-speed placement on the PCB. Instead of stamping and bending contacts for SMT termination, ERNI’s leads are formed in the stamping die. This process provides guaranteed coplanarity of 0.1 mm and virtually eliminates processing defects with a termination lead that’s easily inspected. In addition, the contacts are designed to consume as much area as possible under the connector body, maximizing board retention for reliable service in almost any application. T&B Fittings Stainless Steel Conduit and Couplings Protect Against Corrosion T&B Fittings stainless steel conduit and couplings from Thomas & Betts are available in both Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel, enabling them to resist corrosion in harsh environments in a variety of applications where electrical systems are exposed to corrosive elements. T&B Fittings stainless steel conduit and couplings also withstand wash-down operations where equipment is subjected to water pressure as high as 3,500 psi. Type 304 stainless steel conduit offers five times the length of service life that standard galvanized steel conduit does in corrosive environments, while Type 316 stainless steel conduit lasts eight times as long. The surface of stainless steel has no pores or cracks January/February 2013 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013
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Electronics Protection - January/February 2013