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Enclosures HP Intelligent Series Rack Models Available for Networking and Demanding Server Requirements HP has introduced HP Intelligent series rack models that allow easier cable management, additional air flow, and accommodation of larger next-generation server, storage and switching products. The HP Intelligent series Network racks are 42U racks in both 600 mm and 800 mm widths, with rails set back 75 mm to allow room for cabling in the front of the rack with the door closed. Intelligent series racks are available in 800 mm widths on some rack models to accommodate more choices for cable management. HP Intelligent series racks are well suited for SMB, government and enterprise data centers seeking operating efficiencies. The HP Intelligent series racks offer intelligence capabilities for asset management, structural integrity, cooling and cable management advances, and a wide choice of power and switching options. In addition, HP Location Discovery Services, in the HP Intelligent series racks, send the rack identification number and precise U location to the servers installed in the racks. This provides important location information along with power and temperature data. Now, workload placement can be easily optimized with servers and other devices that identify and inventory themselves. For cooling, HP Discovery Services technology correlates server temperature and workload to reduce server fan power needed to cool servers efficiently. An 81 percent open perforation area on the door cool servers better. New Age Releases its Compact AAA Enclosure New Age Enclosures has released its Compact AAA enclosure. The smallest enclosure of its kind, the unit is designed for two AAA batteries. Identified as part number S-281109, it measures 2.8 inches in length, 1.1 inches in width and 0.9 inches in height. The Compact AAA battery enclosure has a modern compact design that is comfortable for any handheld application. Internally it accommodates a 0.90 inch wide by 2.62 inches long PCB. They are stocked in white and black RoHS compliant ABS plastic. For customization they may be ordered in any color and or with a colored base and a clear cover. Additional customization includes CNC modifications and pad print decorated. Pixus Technologies Offers New Recessed Chassis Options for EMC Pixus Technologies now offers enclosures with the subrack recessed within the enclosure frame for additional protection, including EMC considerations. Pixus’ enclosure option can be recessed in various depths according to the customer’s requirements. The design allows the subrack and boards to be completely protected inside the enclosure frame, preventing damage to the modules, limiting exposure to dust and reducing the susceptibility of EMI/RFI. An optional side or bottom-hinged door allows the case to be fully enclosed or 18 even locked. The first in the recessed series are 7U and 9U versions, which accommodate 6U pluggable boards (with 1U to 3U of space for various fan/airflow configurations). Versions for 3U pluggable boards in a 4U overall height are also available. Backplanes are available in OpenVPX, CompactPCI/2.16, PCIe Gen2 or Gen3, VME64x, VXS or custom. Utilizing a modular construction, the sizes and options available are highly versatile. In many applications, engineers will utilize a portion of the subrack area for the embedded computer boards and the other section for their specialized devices. Provisions for mounting of custom devices are easily implemented in the modular enclosure. Cooling options for the recessed enclosure series are dependent on the application requirements. Front-to-rear or bottomto-top cooling options are standard in the 7U to 9U sizes. A wide range of AC or DC power supplies are available. System monitoring and management is also an option. Hoffman Releases Tablet Enclosure and Stand as A Ruggedized Protection Solution for iPads Pentair Equipment Protection has introduced the Hoffman tablet enclosure and stand for iPad devices. This heavyduty, secure tablet protection solution provides industrial-strength shielding and security for iPad 2 and 3 devices used in demanding environments. The Hoffman tablet solution is designed to accommodate a multitude of application requirements, easily adjusting to four different heights without the use of tools. The modular stand may also be disassembled for easy portability. For enhanced flexibility, operators can remove the enclosure from the stand and mount it with a low-profile, wall- or table-mount for space-restricted areas. “With the power, capacity and convenience that tablet devices offer, many of our customers are implementing them into applications in challenging environments,” said Lisa Salmi, product manager, Pentair Equipment Protection. “To ensure users can employ tablet devices without worrying about damage, abuse or theft, the rugged tablet enclosure and stand provides the right degree of protection and security even in harsh factory conditions.” New NEMA 4X/6P (IP66/IP68) Polycarbonate Enclosures for Indoor and Outdoor Use Hammond Manufacturing has launched its PCJ series, a family of polycarbonate enclosures designed for housing electrical and electronic equipment in installations where NEMA 4X (IP66) environmental sealing for dust and water protection is required. The screw-down cover versions meet the higher NEMA 6P sealing requirements. An initial five sizes, ranging from 5.93 by 6.16 by 4.91 inches to 13.94 by 12.16 by 10.82 inches are available; the basic enclosure can be supplied in 80 different configurations to suit the intended application. Polycarbonate is an extremely versatile material. It offers good impact resistance, March/April 2013 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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Electronics Protection - March/April 2013
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