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Thermal Polargy Releases Lightweight Ceiling-Suspended Data Center Aisle Containment Solution Polargy, Inc., has released the PolarPlex Suspended Panel System (SPS). The SPS provides hot-aisle containment that is not only cost-competitive with vinyl curtains, but also provides thermal sealing, flexible installation and a clean appearance. The SPS is suspended from the ceiling rather than supported by server cabinets, allowing racks to be reconfigured without having to modify the SPS installation. In addition, the SPS panels’ light weight and unique channel design enable effortless reconfiguration. The square containment panels are four feet wide and feature sturdy anodized aluminum channels. The translucent panels allow light to pass into data center aisles, and their rigid, two-ply construction ensure proper airflow containment. “Polargy developed this containment system to fill the void that currently exists for hot-aisle containment in new data center construction,” said Cary Frame, CEO, Polargy. “Data center owners and operators want to easily install containment systems prior to rack installation, and this system allows them to do it.” New Thermal Gel Sheets from Fujipoly Fujipoly has released Sarcon 50GR-Ae, a soft 0.5 mm thick thermal interface material. The gel-like sheet compound is designed to efficiently transfer heat from its source to a nearby heat sink. The unique physical properties of this material allow it to protect delicate board-level components as it fills unwanted air gaps and levels uneven surfaces. This high-performance silicone based compound delivers a thermal conductivity of 1.3 W/m°K with a thermal resistance of 0.63°C in2/W. Sarcon GR-Ae is available in pre-cut sheets up to 200 mm by 300 mm or die-cut to exact application specifications. Ohmite Manufacturing Releases Two Extrusion Forms for D Series Line of Heat Sinks Ohmite Manufacturing has expanded its D series of surface mount device (SMD) heat sinks with two new extrusion forms. Designed to better facilitate pickand-place equipment, these forms provide increased options and flexibility. Unlike their predecessor, the Style 10, the Style 20 and Style 30 require no Kapton tape for handling by automatic pick-and-place equipment. Both heat sinks have been designed with a flat zone in the top center, eliminating the need for customers to provide additional supplies. Rather than losing surface area to accommodate this convenience, these forms feature inverted fins on the underside of the heat sink. In this way, they maintain the cooling performance of the extruded D series. The larger of the two new forms, the Style 30, has a 19.1 mm footprint for TO-268 devices, while the smaller (14.2 mm) Style 22 20 has a footprint to match TO-252 and TO-263 requirements. The extruded D series can provide up to three times the cooling performance of competing devices for these applications. OptoTherm Introduces IR LabMate Infrared Camera Solution OptoTherm, Inc. has released a thermal imaging camera that can be used in product design and development. The camera system includes the IR LabMate thermal imaging camera, required cables and Thermalyze image analysis software. The IR LabMate camera utilizes a 320 by 240 array detector, has a temperature sensitivity of 0.08°C, uses an Ethernet interface and comes with a wide angle lens. Optional accessories include camera stand and high calibration range. Jaro Thermal’s Turbo Fan Surpasses Static Pressure Barrier Spinning at more than 19,000 rpm’s, Jaro’s 80 mm by 76 mm combination of counter-rotating fans exceeds the static pressure barrier by reaching 10 inches of static pressure (in H20). To achieve such a forceful level of super-cooled air flow (136.41 CFM), the stability, power consumption, vibration and speed of these Turbo fans are all tightly monitored and controlled. Originally based on Jaro’s 8076 Super Flow Turbo fan, the Turbo exceeds even harsh environmental requirements. Operating at -10°C to 70°C, the Turbo provides a life expectancy of 70,000 hours at 40°C/ 65 percent. Other options include an extended operating temperature of -25°C to 90°C, IP-55 water protection, on-board PWM control, alarm output, tachometer output, thermistor controls and more. Emerson Network Power Receives Patent for High Density Data Center Cooling Technology Emerson Network Power has received a US patent for its flexible Liebert XD cooling technology for high heat density data center applications. The pumped refrigerant-based cooling technology featured in the Liebert XD family of high heat density cooling solutions was the first rack- and row-based cooling solution to address high density at the rack level. The Liebert XD family includes the Liebert XDV rack-mount, Liebert XDO ceiling-mount, Liebert XDH row-based and Liebert XDR rear door cooling modules. Originally designed to address hot spots or zones within the data center, the Liebert XD cooling modules provide cooling directly at the source of the heat without overcooling the whole data center. The Liebert XD system can reduce the data center’s air conditioning energy consumption up to 30 percent when utilized as supplemental cooling and up to 70 percent when deployed as the primary cooling. 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Electronics Protection - March/April 2013
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