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Editor’s Choice AMCO Enclosures Releases 19-Inch Wall Mount Rack Built to support and secure smaller data, security and communications systems, the AMCO Enclosures sectional wall mount rack has been designed as a solution for mounting electronics equipment. The WMR features fully welded construction, a load rating of 250 lbs., and front doors-in solid, vented and Co-poly options. All doors feature a keyed lock for secured access. The hinged center section has a 12 inch cutout in the back panel to accommodate pull boxes, electrical outlets, etc. The WMR includes two pairs of #10-32 tapped mounting rails in the center section that are fully adjustable front-to-rear, with each RU labeled for easy equipment mounting. Vented areas in WMR provide optimal passive cooling, or add active cooling with optional 4 inch fans. AMCO Enclosures WMR’s have a 24 inch overall width and are available in 12RU and 18RU panel heights, and 17 or 22 inch depths. The WMR features a black, durable powder coat finish and carries a 10 year warranty. Amphenol Aerospace Enhances 2M Series Connector for Military Applications Amphenol Aerospace has enhanced its 2M series connectors for interconnect applications that require added performance. These upgraded micro-miniature connectors are 71 percent lighter, 52 percent smaller and have 60 percent more contact density. Designed and tested to Mil-Spec standards and comparable to MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, the 2M series connectors are intermateable and intermountable with existing micro-miniature aerospace/defense connectors. These lightweight, high density connectors maximize SWaP (size, weight and power) in a variety of high-reliability, harsh environments. Amphenol’s versatile 2M series features 40 insert patterns including mix contact arrangement, multiple termination styles, high speed, filter, EMI/ESD and hermetic solutions. Application-specific customized solutions are also available. The connectors feature four coupling styles. Each of the styles combines anti-decoupling on every connector as well as withstanding up to 44 g’s of random vibration and 300 g’s of shock on 2M801 and 2M805 series. The fast-mating 2M801 Dual-Start ACME thread connector features a Dualok plug that exceeds MIL-DTL-38999 vibration levels and offers the highest coupling torque available in the micro-miniature connector market. The 2M803 features a 1/4 turn bayonet coupling for quick mating in general avionics and weaponry applications. The rugged, micro-miniature 2M series connectors are available in aluminum and stainless steel with various corrosion resistant platings including stainless steel/passivated, non-conductive aluminum/black anodize and aluminum/electroless nickel, aluminum/ zinc-nickel with black chromate or olive drab. The 2M series also offers Durmalon aluminum/nickel-PTFE plating, the only mil-qualified RoHS-compliant plating in the industry. Teseq Develops Coupling/Decoupling Network For Telecom Surge Testing Teseq, Inc. has designed a CDN (coupling/decoupling network) for surge testing on unshielded symmetrical high speed telecommunication lines including Ethernet. The CDN HSS-2 enables convenient surge testing with 1.2/50 µs pulses on active telecom lines. Designed for use in laboratories, Teseq’s CDN HSS-2 is compliant with IEC 61000-4-5 and is compatible with all industry standard surge generators. It can be used for surge testing on lines with up to eight-wire unshielded twisted pair (UTP), with integrated service digital networks (ISDN) as well as with 10/100 BaseT and 1,000 BaseT. Teseq’s CDN HSS-2 is compact, relatively lightweight and easyto-use. It features selectable common mode coupling to one, two or four pairs depending on the jumper settings on the CDN, and is coupled with 40 Ω in series with a coupling capacitor. The network features a maximum surge test voltage of 2 kV with a maximum peak surge test current of up to 50 A and a maximum residual voltage at the auxiliary equipment (AE) of 65 V. The device has a maximum operating speed of 1,000 BaseT, maximum operating voltage of 100 VDC between pairs and maximum operating current of 1 A that is rated for power over Ethernet (PoE). Additional decoupling elements are not required to protect the AE. Newer Technology Releases Next-Generation Power2U AC/USB In-Wall Charging Solution Newer Technology, Inc. has introduced its Power2U AC/USB wall outlet. Designed to enhance working spaces by eliminating the need for power adapters, the Power2U AC/USB outlet now features NEC tamperresistant receptacles and is available in a 20 amp model for numerous applications. The patented, UL-Listed design seamlessly blends into any wall as a standard power outlet. Users can access two traditional three-prong AC wall sockets in addition to two USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 ports without encountering ‘plug barriers’ found on similar devices that can prevent multiple devices from being charged/ powered simultaneously. Available in four decorator colors, the Power2U is a basic ‘DIY’ install in a 16-cubic-inch electrical box. The 15 amp and 20 amp outlet models feature NEC tamperresistant receptacles and the unit retains its main consumer appeal of offering a clean looking, modern, centralized location for charging/powering USB devices. In addition to being convenient to use, the Power2U continues to provide two energy efficiency features. The intelligent Smart Power design only outputs enough charging power to meet the requirements of the device that is attached. The specially designed spring-loaded Safety Shutters completely turn off power to the USB ports when a connecting cable is removed to prevent “vampire draw”. 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Electronics Protection - March/April 2013
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