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EMI/EMC/ESD Select-A-Shield RF Shielded Tent Closure System Is Non-Radiating Select Fabricators, Inc. has developed two non-radiating door closure systems that reduce RF/EMI leakage, a single door double magnet system and a double door single magnet system. Focused on minimizing leakage, improving isolation, and providing easy entry and exit of the enclosures, Select developed the patent pending door systems. The single door system with two layers of magnet is available on Select-A-Shield tabletop RF EMI shielded test boxes. The 12 desktop models from 2 by 2 by 2 feet to 4 by 4 by 4 feet include the patent pending top flap door opening that provides ease of use and secure closure. Two continuous magnet strips are permanently attached to three sides of the opening resulting in an RF EMI tight enclosure seal. Internal testing resulted in shielding effectiveness of the door to 94 dB for the door panel at 916 MHz. The double door system with a single layer of magnet in two separate doors is the new standard on all 16 models of standard size walk-in tents and all custom configured enclosures. This closure system can be specified to open in or out for ease of entry. A single strip of magnet along three sides of the door provides a tight seal, lighter weight doors, and a lower threshold for improved access. Select-A-Shield RF / EMI enclosures are constructed with RoHS compliant, durable, lightweight, Silver/Copper/Nickel, Nova Select fabric, Select’s proprietary highly conductive material. This flexible material delivers maximum attenuation averaging -85 dB in shielding effectiveness in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz and an average of -80 dB of shielding effectiveness in the range of 1 GHz to 10 GHz. New Frequency Specific Microwave Absorbers Leader Tech has introduced a new line of microwave absorbers that are used to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference in high-frequency applications. Multiple narrow and broad band formulations are available for attenuation of frequencies ranging from 500 MHz to greater than 40 GHz. Additionally, custom tuned materials are available for target frequency problems at no additional cost. Leader Tech’s microwave absorbing materials convert unwanted energy into heat work by exhibiting either high reflection or high insertion loss. The magnetically or dielectrically loaded absorbers are an easy to install, economical and highly effective solution. Common applications include aircraft seals & ducts, cavity resonance and radar cross section reduction. AVX’S 1PF Varistor Provides Bi-Directional ESD Protection AVX Corp. has introduced a new series of automotive sub pF varistors. Based on zinc-oxide varistor technology, AVX’s AECQ200-qualified Automotive Sub pF AG series varistors provide ultra-low capacitance, bi-directional ESD protection in the sub 1 pF range for automotive circuits sensitive to capacitance. Featuring a capacitance value of 0.8 pF, in a compact 0402 package, the AG series varistors exhibit excellent response times to ESD strikes. 20 AVX’s Automotive Sub pF AG Series varistors exhibit reliability and low insertion losses, offer multi-strike capability, and are RoHS-compliant and AEC-Q200-qualified. Featuring a working voltage range of up to 16 V, a capacitance of 0.8 pF with a tolerance of ±20 percent, and Ni barrier/100 percent Sn terminations, AG Series varistors are well suited for a range of applications including: antennas, RF circuits, optics, HDMI, Firewire, Thunderbolt, high-speed communication bus, GPS, camera link, sensors and touchscreen interfaces. TE Circuit Protection’s SESD Product Family Now Qualified for Automotive Applications TE Connectivity’s Circuit Protection business unit has announced that eight products in its SESD (Silicon ESD) series of passive circuit protection devices have now been AEC-Q101 qualified for use in automotive applications and specifically for invehicle “infotainment” systems. Like the consumer electronics sector, automotive infotainment systems can utilize ultra-high-speed data interfaces, including USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI 1.3 and 1.4, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, V-byOne HS and LVDS protocols. These high-speed data lines can be subject to ESD events, but TE Circuit Protection’s SESD product family comprises a set of low-capacitance diodes capable of helping to protect these data lines. An additional advantage is that the small XDFN (Extremely Thin Dual Flat No Leads) package size of these SESD products saves PCB space, meeting the consumer sector’s demand for highly compact devices. The SESD series of devices are rated for a low capacitance of 0.20 pF (typical) for uni-directional devices, and 0.10 pF (typical) for bi-directional devices, allowing signal integrity for high-speed interfaces. The flow-through standard array package and small XDFN package size simplifies PCB design, and provides solutions for electronic design within severe space constraints. New Double-Ridged Horn Antenna from Teseq Has Frequency Range Up to 18 GHz Teseq Inc., offers a double-ridged horn antenna that has a frequency range of 6 GHz to 18 GHz. The PMM DR-01 is designed for radiated emissions and immunity applications, featuring an antenna factor of 36 dB/m to 41 dB/m and excellent sensitivity for emissions measurements. The PMM DR-01 is designed for use with Teseq’s PMM 9180 digital EMC/EMI receiver because of its size and axially located RF connector. The battery-powered PMM 9180 is the only fullycompliant EMI receiver module on the market directly connected to an antenna located inside the testing chamber. It has the ability to transmit data outside the testing chamber via fiber optic cable, eliminating signal losses that can exceed 20 dB. When installed on a tripod or mast with the PMM 9180 and connected to PMM receiver via a fiber optic cable, the PMM DR01 increases system sensitivity, accuracy and reduces overall error by eliminating sources of uncertainty and signal loss through scattering and attenuation of the coaxial cable. A tripod adapter allows for simple vertical and horizontal polarization changes. May/June 2013 www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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