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Hardware Rittal’s Flex-Block System Puts Free-Standing Enclosures on New Footing The Flex-Block plinth/base assembly is designed specifically for Rittal’s lineup of free-standing enclosures, including its latest TS IT server/ network enclosures, TS8, SE8, CM, TP and PC units as well as the latest generation of liquid cooling packages. The Flex-Block design makes it possible to clip together the plinth/base components and attach accessories like casters, leveling feet and cable management pieces without special tools. They can be bayed together with a unique tool-less baying clip. Moving an enclosure is now easier either in its configured form or empty just by removing the plinth/base trim. The units are available in symmetrical increments to match enclosure width and depth measurements. The base/plinth system comprises four corner modules and covers made of strong, fiberglass reinforced plastic, plus sheet steel side trim panels. The modular design and increased assembly space allow the four corner pieces, which support the entire weight of the enclosure, to be fitted underneath the enclosure right from the start. Without the trim panels in position, the units can be transported using a lift truck, for placement at its final destination. Once the enclosure is configured and placed, the trim panels are simply clipped into position on the base/plinth. Hexagonal slots in the base accommodate adaptor sleeves for stacking base/plinths up to 8 inches. The 4-inch (100 mm) high plastic corner modules are designed for loads of more than 3,100 pounds and can be stacked if an additional height is needed. There’s a space-saving cable routing design in the base/plinth that leaves more space for interior installation of the enclosure. When configured with a punched rail, cable management pieces can be clipped into position from outside or inside. Anderson Power Products Launches Two Pole 230 AMP SB Smart Connector Anderson Power Products (APP) has made an addition to its multipole connector selection with the release of the SB Smart connector. The SB Smart is designed to meet the connection needs for high power storage batteries, which are integrated into a larger system or where batteries require monitoring and control circuits. New features introduced include an optional 16 position auxiliary power and signal module and an innovative selective mate keying system. Two primary power contacts feature proven flat wiping contact technology invented by APP. Crimp and poke contacts are available for up to 1/0 AWG (50 mm²) wire. These low-resistance silver plated contacts allow for a UL rating of up to 230 amps per pole. The rugged and UL94 V-0 flame retardant polycarbonate housing with power and signal contacts can last up to 10,000 mating cycles. The SB Smart auxiliary module can accommodate up to 16 auxiliary positions that are suitable for signal or low power (up to 20 26 amps). Crimp and poke gold plated, pin and socket contacts are available for 12 to 20 AWG (2.5 to 0.5mm²) wire. Pin contacts are available in three different lengths to allow sequencing within the auxiliary module. All auxiliary positions are sequenced make-last, break-first in relation to the power contacts. Connector housings have an integral keying system that allows only intended connector halves to mate. Batteries, chargers and the device/vehicle side of the connection all have their own unique keys that allow only battery-to-charger and battery-todevice/vehicle connections, while preventing charger to device connections. Housings also have an integral color-coded voltage key that can be used to prevent systems with dissimilar voltages or auxiliary configurations from mating. Reell Torque Inserts Deliver Pivoting Capabilities Without Conventional Hinges Reell Torque Inserts introduce a new category of torque control hinges delivering pivoting capabilities without the standard appearance of conventional hinges. Depending on model, the torque inserts uniquely press-fit into a variety of materials via a keyed cavity or can be plastic over-molded. Their elimination of hardware for installation contributes to savings in time and costs and ultimately promotes enhanced cosmetics for assemblies. The torque inserts additionally benefit from patented Reell Torq clip technology, which eliminates any need for adjustment and imparts a premium quality feel, smooth and precise position control, and consistent torque over their service life. The TI-100 series features a glass-filled nylon package configuration with 360º of rotation. These can be pressed into keyed cavities in a variety of die cast or extruded metals or molded plastics and will provide equal torque in both directions. Available torque ranges are 0.2 Nm to 1.2 Nm (1.8 lb-in to 10.6 lb-in) and 1.4 Nm to 4.2 Nm (12.4 lb-in to 37.2 lb-in). The TI-200 series incorporates a die-cast zinc housing with 360º of rotation and is designed to be plastic over-molded. These types generate full torque in one direction and 60 percent of the high torque in the opposite direction, allowing objects to be positioned easily with maximum support against gravity. Available torque ranges are 1.5 Nm to 3.5 Nm (13.3 lb-in to 31.0 lb-in) and 5 Nm to 8 Nm (44.3 lb-in to 70.8 lb-in). Conec Designs LC Duplex and 7/8 Power Output Connectors for Combination Fiber and Power Distribution Cabinets Conec has expanded its ODVA-compliant, IP67-rated connector offering to meet the needs of cellular tower and base station fiber distribution cabinets that combine data and power connectivity in one solution. Conec’s IP67-rated LC series duplex and circular power connector product offering provides design flexibility for cellular tower box manufacturers. Conec has designed its ODVA-compliant connectors for harsh environment applications, including radio heads using fiber to the antenna (FTTA) connectivity that require rugged connector and cable assemblies suitable for outdoor use. The water-resistant LC series duplex fiber optic connectors provide increased protection from contamination and moisture in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance and vibration immunity. 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