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Power Eaton Introduces ePDU G3 with New Fast-turn Customization Capabilities Eaton has announced customization capabilities for its ePDU third-generation (G3) platform in the Americas. Building on its portfolio of rack power distribution units (PDUs), Eaton's customizable ePDU G3 models are designed for fast turnaround of outlet and cord plug configurations, providing the flexibility for data centers and co-location facilities to quickly address their specific power distribution needs. Eaton has invested in three-axis routing and laser etching equipment to streamline the manufacturing of ePDU G3 custombuilt models. The technology further increases customization speed and efficiency, enabling quick initiation of design to fabrication processes. Eaton's manufacturing platform also includes new automated test equipment that provides 100 percent functional testing to all ePDU G3 models, which is designed to eliminate human error and ensure quality and reliability. Highlighted by enhanced technological features, the ePDU G3 is built with an aluminum chassis that is strong and lightweight. Network connected ePDU G3 models can daisy chain with other PDUs, so that four devices can share one network port and IP address, reducing network connection costs by 75 percent. Additionally, the ePDU G3 features a new patent-pending IEC outlet grip designed to eliminate the common and often costly problem of plugs falling out of IEC outlets due to bumps or vibrations. This can protect data center and IT managers from incurring additional expenses related to purchasing special power cords or cable trays, which can increase PDU costs up to 50 percent. Eaton ePDU G3 models EMI319-10 and EMI320-10 offer customization capabilities for 400-volt power distribution, ideal for optimizing energy efficiency in three-phase data centers and colocation facilities. Engineered for smaller data center deployments and medium-to-high-density IT equipment in computer rooms, Eaton ePDU G3 model EMI200-10 offers 120- and 208-volt distribution from the new Eaton 9PX SP split-phase uninterruptible power system (UPS). Bourns Introduces Surge Protective Device for Sensitive Signal and Data Line Applications Bourns, Inc. has added a surge protective device (SPD) for signal and data line applications to its portfolio. Designated Bourns Model 1840, the device is a MSP MultiStage Protector designed to safeguard sensitive electronic circuits and components from damaging surge voltages and currents. The model features extremely fast response and low clamping voltages making it well suited to protect signal and data lines associated with computer, data communication, instrumentation, broadcasting and industrial controls. The Bourns Model 1840 supports working voltages of 5, 12 and 24 volts, and may be used directly with RS-232, RS-422, RS-423 and 28 Summer 2014 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com RS-485 standard EIA interfaces as well as with 4-20 mA and 50 mA instrumentation loops. Bourns' solid-state, third stage protection device works by intercepting the leading edge of a surge within a sub-nanosecond response time. Within micro-seconds thereafter, a primary stage, three-electrode common-chambered Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) activates and crowbars the majority of the surge energy to ground. The new model also utilizes Bourns TBU High-Speed Protector (HSP) technology as a key second stage. Currents exceeding 300 mA through the protector will cause the TBU HSP to quickly transition into high impedance, isolating any harmful voltages and/ or currents from damaging the protected equipment. The GDT protector remains in the crowbar state until the surge has passed and line voltages return to safe levels. After an event, the TBU HSP automatically restores the line to normal operation by automatically resetting to a low impedance state. The Bourns Model 1840 features vibration-resistant screw-type clamp terminals and convenient mounting and grounding is possible to any flat surface or to DIN-1 (TS-32) or DIN-3 (TS-35) rails. The device also has a flame-resistant epoxy-filled housing and cable shields are passed through and may be grounded or arcprotected to ground. Powerstax Offers New Conduction Cooled COTS Power Sources Powerstax has added two switch-mode COTS DC-DC power supply units to its portfolio, which are designed to cope with demanding application environments. The Behlman VPXtra 1000CM is a rugged, highly reliable, OpenVPX and Vita 62 compliant unit that accepts a wide range 28 VDC input. It is 600 W DC rated across five outputs. These outputs offer 12 VDC at 40 A, 5 VDC at 24 A, 3.3 VDC at 15 A, -12 VDC at 2A and +12 VDC at 1 A, with the unit's 12 VDC output capable of being paralleled in order to attain higher power or for the purpose of including redundancy. The advanced XtraCooling technology dissipates heat from the unit and maximizes operational longevity. The VPXtra 1000CM has no minimum load requirement and boasts extremely effective over-voltage, overcurrent, short circuit and thermal protection features. Its inputto-output isolation covers up to 500 VDC, while its line and load regulation are 0.5 percent and 1.0 percent respectively. To complement this, Powerstax now also markets the VPXtra 1000CD - a dual output COTS DC-DC unit that has the same wide range 28 VDC input as the VPXtra 1000CM along with an identical card edge conduction cooling mechanism, but delivers up to 1,000 W of clean, regulated 12 VDC output power and 3.3 VDC auxiliary power. Both these units are targeted at deployment in mission-critical airborne, shipboard, vehicle and mobile VPX power applications, as well as high-end industrial hardware. They are IAW MIL-STD-704 compliant. http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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