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Industry News Calendar of Events Advancements in Thermal Management 2014 August 6-7, 2014, Denver, CO www.thermalnews.com/conferences SMTA International 2014 September 28-Oct 2, 2014, Rosemount, Il. www.smta.org Battery Power 2014 August 6-7, 2014, Denver, CO www.batterypoweronline.com/conferences OSP Expo September 30- Oct. 2, 2014, Baltimore, MD www.ospmag.com Sensors Expo & Conference June 24-26, 2014, Rosemont, Il. www.sensorsmag.com IMAPS 2014 October 13-16, 2014, San Diego, Calif. www.imaps.org NASA Uses MicroTCA Architecture for Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment Project NASA is upgrading its ground terminals to modernize the communications infrastructure and provide new capabilities for their customers. The architecture chosen for the majority of their system is MicroTCA (μTCA) for its high performance, system management and failover capabilities, and COTS module diversity. The ground terminals are used in conjunction with several satellites supporting over 20 spacecraft, including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, and Terra. VadaTech's MicroTCA system has been selected for the NASA project, including a 5U 12-slot chassis, a dual 10GbE FMC interface module, and the MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH). SGSS plans to use μTCA components for the majority of the DSP element, including the analog-to-digital converters, modems, beamformers and processors. The μTCA architecture is also employed for USG local interface functions. The use of μTCA open-standard technologies provides a true COTS architecture, preventing sole vendor lock-in and saves money due to the low unit costs for the chassis, power supplies and processing cards. The upgraded ground terminal will accomplish more functionality in 1½ equipment racks versus the 24 needed in the current system. NEMA Publishes Two Standards in ANSI/NEMA OS Series The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published ANSI/NEMA OS 1-2013 Sheet-Steel Outlet Boxes, Device Boxes, Covers and Box Supports and ANSI/NEMA OS 2-2013 Nonmetallic Outlet Boxes, Device Boxes, Covers and Box Supports. ANSI/NEMA OS 1-2013 includes standard configurations for metal outlet boxes 100 in³ or less as well as manufacturer specifications for materials, corrosion protection, dimensions of openings, supports, cover screws, markings, and provisions for grounding. OS 1 is the essential industry standard for ensuring compatibility of metal outlet boxes with standardized wiring devices and conduit and cable systems. Additions to the scope and construction requirements for grounding means, ground screw, and ground screw retention can also be found in this edition. ANSI/NEMA OS 1-2013 may be purchased in electronic or hardcopy format for $154 on the NEMA website. ANSI/NEMA OS 2-2013 has standard configurations for nonmetallic outlet boxes 100 in³ or less and manufacturer specifications for materials, dimensions of openings, supports, cover screws, markings, and provisions for grounding. OS 2 is the essential industry standard for ensuring compatibility of nonmetallic outlet boxes with standardized wiring devices and conduit and cable systems. Emerson Collaborates with Facebook on Design For Rapid Deployment Data Center Emerson Network Power is working with Facebook to design and deploy the company's second data center building in Luleå, Sweden. Luleå 2 will span approximately 125,000 sq. ft. and Emerson will deliver over 250 shippable modules, including power skids, evaporative air handlers, a water treatment plant, and data center superstructure solutions. It will be built next to Facebook's first data center building in Luleå, which came online in June 2013. Like its predecessor, Luleå 2 will be one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world, powered by 100 percent renewable energy and featuring the latest in Open Compute Project server, storage, mechanical, and electrical designs. Luleå 2" will be the pilot for Facebook's new "rapid deployment data center," (RDDC), which was designed and developed in collaboration with Emerson Network Power's data center design team. Facebook's RDDC incorporates a number of modular design elements, including pre-fabricated materials and on-site assembly, to enable an increase in the speed of deployment and reduction in material use. "Because of our relentless focus on efficiency, we are always looking for ways to optimize our data centers including accelerating build times and reducing material use," said Jay Park, director of data center design, Facebook. "We are excited to work with Emerson to pilot the RDDC concept in Luleå and apply it at the scale of a Facebook data center." New Catalog for EMI/RFI Sheilding Solutions Available in both interactive PDF and printed versions, the Tech-Etch 2014 catalog details all standard and custom EMI/RFI shielding product options. The PDF format lets the user jump from page to page with a click to download interactive drawings of selected products. The table of contents, parnumber directory, as well as all internal page number references are all clickable. The 52-page catalog features to-scale technical drawings, compression values and metal thickness for over 100 BeCu and stainless steel finger stock shielding profiles. 3D models of all fingerstock profiles are also available upon request. Profiles are organized by mounting option and arranged by ascending gap free heights to enable design engineers to locate the appropriate gaskets. Complete descriptions of contact rings, "D" connector gaskets, conductive foam gaskets, knitted mesh shielding, elastomer gaskets, air filters and honeycomb vents are included. Information on material compatibility and specifications, plus compression and attenuation management, make this new guide a must have for every design engineer. www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com * Summer 2014 31 http://www.smta.org http://www.thermalnews.com/conferences http://www.ospmag.com http://www.batterypoweronline.com/conferences http://www.imaps.org http://www.sensorsmag.com http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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