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Power Minuteman Launches Ruggedized UPS for Extreme Environments Para Systems, Inc. has released the Minuteman ERS1500RTNC, a ruggedized uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide protection to support traffic control and monitoring equipment, servers, telecom equipment, VoIP systems, security systems and a variety of other applications. The ERS1500RTNC is a line-interactive unit with a capacity 1,500 VA and 1,050 W. The UPS is designed to efficiently operate in extreme temperature environments. The ERS1500RTNC's expanded temperature range is suited for use in extreme temperature and humidity installations where a standard UPS would be unable to function. High temperature batteries and temperature-compensated charging combine to provide an operating temperature range from 5°F to 122°F, making the ERS1500RTNC an choice for backing up equipment with extreme installation parameters. Additionally, each unit has conformal coating on all electronic components that resists corrosion in high humidity installations. A rugged LED display that shows power status and operational mode is a standard feature. As an additional bonus, each unit is installed with an SNMP management card for remote management and monitoring over a LAN. Minuteman's SentryPlus monitoring and management software is also included. All ERS1500RTNC units are covered by a 1-year parts and labor warranty and $100,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan. T12-MSM Circuit Breaker with Design Appeal Schurter has released the T12MSM, a combination of a reliable circuit breaker and a robust metal switch. With its actuating appeal, the T12-MSM can be stylishly displayed on the front of the system as opposed to being hidden in the back. Schurter combines its circuit breakers, with thermal operation (T12) and thermal-magnetic operation (TM12), with its MSM series metal switches. The MSM switches are recognized for their visual appeal and operating characteristics. Both the switch housing and the actuator are fabricated from high-quality stainless steel, and are available with mounting diameters of 19 mm and 22 mm. The actuator and circuit breaker are supplied separate. The switch mounts with a threaded neck. A coupler adjoins the circuit breaker to the switch. Switching voltage is 240 VAC/ 28 VDC with a rated current from 50 mA to 16 A (15 A UL). It is suited for use in a temperature range of -5°C to 60°C and comes equipped with auxiliary contact or shunt terminal as well as quick-connect or screw-clamp terminals. The T12-MSM offers a variety of design options including an assortment of colors for ring or point illumination, as well as options for standard or custom inscription. The T12 and TM12 are reliable circuit breakers with positive trip-free operation. The contacts open even if the reset button is manually held in the closed position. They reliably protect equipment with rated currents from 50 mA to 16 A. The optional magnetic release protects against increased risk of short circuits. With a vandal-proof design, IP 64 tightness protection and IK 07 impact resistance, the T12-MSM is also suited for outdoor applica26 Winter 2014 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com tions and use in harsh environments. The look and feel is novel and stands out among other circuit breakers as a true designer piece, suitable for mounting on the front side of the equipment where aesthetics is paramount. Victron Energy Launches Battery Balancer Victron Energy has launched its new battery balancer. Not all batteries are created equal, and when multiple batteries are combined to create one large battery bank, the small differences between the batteries can cause problems that substantially shorten the life time. The battery balancer prevents this by actively correcting the imbalance. Besides correcting, it is also equipped with an alarm function to give a warning in case of a large deviation. Batteries can be used in both series strings and series/parallel banks, be they 24 V, 48 V or sometimes higher voltages. When using a series string or series/parallel bank to create differing voltages and Ah ratings from individual 12 V batteries, you can end up with a variance in terminal voltages on each battery. This will cause the batteries to become unbalanced. This situation is often made even worse by the seemingly ever increasing demands on batteries, to run power hungry equipment. The consequence of all this is that an expensive string or bank can fail prematurely, which is costly in both time and money. Correcting and preventing battery imbalance with the Victron battery balancer is the answer to extending the lifetime of batteries. Emerson Network Power Increases Capacity of High Efficiency Liebert eXL UPS Line Emerson Network Power has extended the capacity of the Liebert eXL family of large, transformer-free UPS systems with the introduction of the Liebert eXL 1,200 kVA/kW UPS, as well as upgrades to the previously released 800 kVA/ kW model. Designed for co-location facilities and large enterprise data centers, the Liebert eXL UPS 1,200 kVA is available in single module and 1+N (distributed bypass) multi-module systems, providing a choice of applications to best meet business needs. The Liebert UPS helps data centers maximize operational efficiency and increase PUE by delivering efficiency up to 97 percent in double conversion mode, with a potential savings of up to $12,000 per year over competitive technologies. Flexible configurations and capacity-on-demand with Softscale technology help data center managers conserve capital by enabling them to limit their initial investment, while allowing them to rapidly expand capacity. Softscale technology allows the Liebert eXL UPS to provide capacity-on-demand, initially sized to current power requirements and easily scaled to a larger capacity without adding footprint. The Liebert UPS can also parallel up to six units to increase capacity and redundancy. The unity power factor rating of the Liebert eXL UPS enables it to provide more usable power to address computing demand for modern IT loads, thereby eliminating the need to oversize the UPS. The larger capacity rating means that systems can be designed with fewer modules, reducing cost, complexity and possible points of failure. The Liebert eXL UPS includes an integrated 10.4 inch color human machine interface (HMI) touchscreen which enables operators to see unit status at a glance, and provides detailed information making it easy to understand, diagnose and control the UPS. http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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