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Power GE's 800-Watt DC-DC Converter Provides Space-Constrained Power Designers with High Power Density GE's Critical Power business has introduced its QBVE067A0B Barracuda-series DC-DC converters, providing up to 800 watts of 12-volt DC output power from an input voltage range of 40 to 60 volts. The Barracuda-series QBVE067A0B converters feature an industry-standard, DOSA-compliant quarter-brick footprint, measuring just 58.4 by 36.8 by 10.7 mm. Previously, two parallel 400 W converters would need to be installed to facilitate 800 W of power. The need for two modules to convert the power greatly reduces the amount of space available for other components. With GE's QBVE067A0B converters, however, the amount of required space is cut in half. The Barracuda-series DC-DC converters are able to convert power from a range of input voltages to a low output voltage of 12 volts at a maximum load current of 67 amperes. The output is fully isolated at 2,250 volts from the input, allowing for versatile polarity configurations and grounding connections. In addition, the converters feature built-in filtering for both input and output, minimizing the need for external filtering. The module's tightly regulated output voltage makes GE's latest DC-DC converters well suited for installations such as 12-volt intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are subsequently generated using point-of-load converters. Other applications include distributed power architectures, servers and storage applications, supercomputers, automatic test equipment and networking equipment such as Power over Ethernet and highspeed 5G networks. The QBVE067A0B DC-DC converters incorporate digital control, synchronous rectification technology, a fully regulated control topology and innovative packaging techniques to achieve efficiencies in excess of 96 percent at 12-volt output voltages. This leads to lower power dissipations, reducing the need for a heat sink in many applications. However, the units do include a heat plate to attach an external heat sink or contact a cold wall if needed. Additional standard features include on/off control, output over-current and over-voltage protection, input under- and over-voltage lockout and over-temperature protection. Mini Circuit Breakers - UL489 and UL1077 Type Carlo Gavazzi has launched a range of Miniature Circuit Breakers for up to 480Y/277 VAC systems: GMB Series UL489 MCBs for branch circuit protection and GSB series UL1077 MCBs for supplementary circuit protection. The GMB series are UL489, AC miniature molded circuit breakers, which provide reliable protection for a wide range of applications including branch circuit protection of HACR equipment, power supplies, transformers, motors, receptacles and other equipment. One, 2 and 3 pole arrangements are available, ranging from 0.5 A to 63 A, with short circuit interrupt capacity of 10 kA. The GMB series circuit breakers are UL listed and conform to IEC standard EN-60947-2. 26 Fall 2015 * www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com The GSB series are UL1077 AC supplementary circuit protectors, which offer overcurrent protection for specific applications where branch circuit protection is already provided by another device or is not required. They are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole variations, ranging from 1 to 63Amps and have a short circuit interrupt capacity of 5 kA. The GSB series are UL recognized components. The GMB series UL489 branch circuit protectors and GSB series UL1077 supplementary protectors are housed in compact 17.5 mm wide housings (per pole), with robust DIN-rail mounting and red/ green diagnostic trip indicators. C tripping curve is standard, with B & D tripping curves available upon request. SL Power Introduces High Efficiency Internal and External AC/DC Power Supplies SL Power Electronics has added the TE60 and TB65 series product lines to its power solutions for test & measurement applications. The 60 watt TE series external power supply complies with the US Department of Energy's level VI efficiency requirements and provides enhanced performance to meet strict EMI and EMC parameters. This design makes these external power supplies a solution for use with handheld test and measurement and industrial devices, where low noise and rugged performance are required. In addition to Level VI compliance, equipment designers will appreciate that the TE Series meets the heavy industrial levels of EMC per EN61000-4-X, protecting end-use equipment from harsh electrical environments. Moreover, the TE series designs utilize high-quality electrolytic capacitors, ensuring greater than seven-year product life. Low common mode noise, level 4 ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2: 8 kV/15 kV) and surge protection (IEC61000-4-5: 1 kV CM/4kV DM) help to ensure the highest overall performance. The desktop and wall plug models offer regulated output power with low ripple, no-load power consumption >0.5 W, and short circuit and thermal protection. They include Class B EMI filtering with a minimum of 6db (conducted) and 3 db (radiated) margin and a convenient IEC AC 320 C14 grounded input connector that can accept input line cords with any appropriate plug configuration. For internal power, the TB65 models offer up to 90 percent efficiency and a very compact form factor. The 65-watt TB65 power supplies are the ideal power solution when very high efficiency and superior EMI and EMC performance are required. Measuring only 2.0 by 3.5 by 1.3 inches, for use in a 1U chassis, the TB65 provides up to 65 watts of convection-cooled output power. The TB65 internal power supply is compliant to high levels of EMC per EN61000-4 and meets Class B conducted EMI with 6db margin and Class B Radiated EMI with 3db margin. Feature rich with up to 90 percent efficiency, designers of test equipment will especially appreciate the TB65's greater than 10-year life, based on e-cap calculations. The TB65 models feature a universal input of 90 to 264 Vac and are available in outputs of 12 V, 15 V, 24 V and 48 V. DC OK Signal and PSU temperature monitoring signal are standard offerings. All models are CE marked to low-voltage directive and approved to ITE standards of CSA/EN/IEC/UL60950-1, 2nd Edition, Am. 2. http://www.ElectronicsProtectionMagazine.com

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